Friday, August 06, 2004

Words / Phrases / Sentences

I very rarely update my blog 2 days running. But today's change was brought about by an article I read. The reporter had used one of the many words that I absolutely abhor.
And that made me think about making a list of some more of my likes/dislikes.
This isnt the exhaustive list, but would do enough for starters.
Few that I hate.

Sometimes all it takes is one person's constant usage of a particular word to make it get on your nerves. And that is the story of this word.
Channel [V] Music Quiz at Chowdaiah Hall. Some moron of a quiz-master with a vocabulary that consisted of only funky, funky, funky....aargh! Listen to this word around 500 times in 30 mins and you will empathise.

Paradigm Shift
Now we are getting to the real goodies. The supposed MBA jargon. The language of the supreme elite. The style of management gods.
Here is a typical conversation between 2 wannabe MBAs.
X: "Hey Y. Where are you lugging your stuff around to?"
Y: "We have been allotted new rooms this year. So I need to perform a paradigm shift of my belongings from one room to the other."

@!#$!#$@%#%^!!! Woe to humanity!

Yet another "super-phrase" used frequently by an MBA. Apparently he think that the words contradictory & counter-intuitive are synonymous.
X: "I think Formula 1 racing is great to watch."
Y: "No. It is not!"
X: "Dont you dare counter intuite me!!!!"

Just shoot me! Please!!

Ok, if I've begun to sound a bit crabby, dont you worry. Here are my all-time favourite words/phrases/sentences.

Holy Chandramouli
I do not know who the original creator is..but it this exclamation is an absolute stroke of genius.
I think it is either Bandhar or Rajneesh who made this one up. Hats off to them.

Bandhar's version of the history behind this is that it came up during the reign of Karnataka CM, Veerappa Moily. Though that doesnt quite fit in, maybe it was the spark to create this piece of creative genius. :)

How the mighty have fallen!
Ahh..another NPS legacy. Credit goes to either Rajneesh or Kaushik.
I can remember those wonderful moments when it was thrown at a person's face-
Rajneesh's favourite Chicago Bulls being torn apart by all teams.
Kaushik finally losing a match to me in NBA 98.

Ahem..there were times when I was at the receiving end..but I seem to have conveniently forgotten them. :)

The night is still young.
Feb 21st, 2002. India Pistons' Cricket Ground. Taramani, Chennai.
My tryst with Paradise - AR Rahman's concert.
2 hours into the show, Suhasini begins rattling out her gratitude to a huge list of people. Sounds very close to the closing comments of a show. And then in the middle of her litany she goes "The night is still young". :)))))

And up I rose from my momentary gloom to soak in more magical moments.
It was used just once. But the effect that it had on me would last a lifetime. And that's the reason for it being at the top of the heap.

Thats it for today. Weekend coming up, and lets hope it more fun-filled than the last one.


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