Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Good Boy & Godel crap

I am a good boy. Simple. If that is slightly incongruous, please read the previous post.
Got it? Nope? Fine fine, let me spell it out for you.
I h-a-v-e  s-h-a-v-e-d..aargh! I dont think "spelling it out" means actually that.
Simply put, I am fully Indian. No French fungus on my face. :)

Now to the main thing for the day: Had a class where the goddamn prof mentioned about the book Godel Escher Bach! (Note: I have nothing personal against Godel, Escher or Bach. That is, individually. But the trio seems to get on my nerves.)

I first saw this book in Bandhar's house. Bandhar. Not the Arrogant One Dhimant. That was pretty surprising. I thought Bandhar had better taste..but people do flip occassionally.

I have nothing personal against Dhimant as well. (This is getting tiresome. Let me state that I have nothing personal against anybody - apart from this person whom I actually detest for his cunningness. No names will be given in this blog nor on request. Most of my blog readers would know who it is.)

Back to Dhimant & his books. It is just that I HATE books that do not have stories.
Apparently, this Godel crap is supposed to prove that Science, Arts & (something else I've forgotten) are all one and the same. I could write that.
Well, not exactly that. But something similar..and without breaking a sweat. And it is this lack of imagination in authors that bugs me no end.

Hecklerspeak: "Yo Chilli! If you think writing such books is a piece of cake, why dont you give it a shot?!"
Mesqueak:"Huh! Is this an open chaaallenge?" (doing my best to imitate Kannada thespian Ambarish) we are. I plan to write my own Gowda Eshwar Backache.
Ta-dang Ta-dang (not to worry. This is just me entering Gowda-mode)
Gowda: I have a doubt..
Eshwar: Tuesdays with Morrie?
Backache: Ahhhh
G: No no..listen you morons
E: Zen & the ..
G: Shut up!
B: Awwww
G: Why do North Indians call Rama as Ram, Lakshmana as Lakshman..but do not call Sita as Sit?

The Author wishes to prove that the above conversation between the 3 people is a perfect amalgamation of Absolute Reason, Dumb Abstraction & Pure Pain. This in turn defines our life.

gnad-aT gnad-aT (yup, you guessed rite. Back to Chilli-mode)
There. First chapter of my book done. I am 1/12th of my way to a million dollars!! Nanri Hai.

Btw, Dhimant I am also ready for violin classes. Try to find weekend courses. I am serious.


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