Thursday, August 05, 2004

2 Birthdays & Other Stories

Hello people. Today's entry is going to be a pot-pourri of events. Just sit back and browse through them.

Act 1:
Happy birthday to Akshai aka Kiddo Jr aka Mafia.
Btw, kiddo is right now in Germany and that means that his treat will have to be coupled with his onsite treat. Throw in the fact that he has just hit puberty and we have one heck of a party in the wings! :)

Also, Happy birthday to Dhimant aka Chakku aka Arrogant One.
Dhim is in good old Bangalore and should hopefully be treating us this weekend. Besides, I hope he clears the Mystery of the Missing Comment. :)

(Well..Akshai's is on the 5th of Aug while Dhim's is on the 6th. By the time I submit this post it would be the beginning of Dhim's bday and the last few hours of Akshai's.)
Here's wishing both of them the very best in life and many more such wonderful days.

Act 2:
The unthinkable has happened. Actually it happened 2 weeks back. But it just slipped my mind while I was blogging. Anyway here it is..Bannerghatta Road has been repaired!!!
Take a deep breath. I know it is pretty hard to believe. But that is the truth. has been almost repaired. But beggars cant be choosers. I choose that tiny stretch of potholes over the Bridge over River Sewer.

But there is a bit of bad news in this front. And nope, it has nothing to do with my bike no longer being part-horse. It is more serious. (although, the former does sadden me a bit)
The newly laid road already has potholes creeping in. And I would give another 2 weeks for the road to go back to its old state. :(

Act 3:
I managed to catch an episode of The Practice after a looonng time. It was a continuation of the Lindsey Dole trial - the one where she kills her stalker. Apparently, the DA breaks Lindsey's 5th, 6th Amendment Rights as well as Rule 30. And she is set free! Ileanor was the star of the show.

Act 4:
Finally a highly cryptic event. I would like to thank the Lord of the Night for doing as Anthony had requested. I hope to get a George Bernard & Lord Shiva (without the aR) someday in the future. Things should be fine then. Real fine.


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