Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Finally something personal.

Two entries old. One has been on The Pistons and the other on The Theory. Now it is time to get back to some mundane things.

My Bangalore gang has begun dwindling yet again. We began with Achuth, Aja, Akshai, Ameya, Dhimant, Indrashis, Kaushik, Pramod, Rajesh, Rajneesh & Chilli (yours truly). The current strength in Bangalore is a measly 5!! Kochi, Singapore, Germany, Sweden, Chennai & US are the damn places that hold these missing pieces of our gang.

Oh, how I wish for those days..those golden days when:

Surfing the net was a tedious procedure performed at my place using a Shell account. ( remember that?!)

Cricket was a game played in front of my house with the barbed fence serving as the solitary stump. (Raju with his finger-twisting leg spinners)

Movie-watching was a fun-filled activity (regardless of the quality of the movie), replete with constant heckling and the not-so-constant stares/glares from the people in front. (Attack of the Clones wins the Fair-Day goose)

Playing cards with Flash being the most popular game. Having so much fun and competing so hard, and in the end it used to boil down to a single jackpot round. (Remember my King Cobra variation?!)

By now, you must have realised that I am pretty much ruled by emotions unlike my dear friend "Spock" Rajneesh. That is me, always expressing all my emotions..except anger. I think God took away my share of anger and split it between Raju & Bandhar. Who is Bandhar? is a person to whose blog I have a shortcut on the right, but it aint Rajneesh. :)) Now this should see me on the receiving end of a good dose of the anger I was speaking about.

Wait a sec..I DO express my anger. But that is only against the teaching faculty of the world. That isnt too big a it? Who are we kidding! Between you and me, we know that they really serve no discernible purpose. (Exceptions are rare..nope make that DOUBLE RARE!)

In a way, each member of our gang had his idiosyncrasies..and that made it all the more sweet. And I miss each one of them. Oops..did that sound girlish? (My Infy colleagues will know this phrase very well.) But seriously, I really long for the day when the Gang can get together once again.
When? Yeppo? Yaavaga? Kabh? Lion..tiger..prabhakar..midnight masala..
(Let me stop that right there. I could do this all day. :) )

I have been/am parts of other gangs as well. When the time comes, you shall read about them as well. But I begin at the beginning.

That ends my first personal entry into my Blog. I must confess that it felt GOOD..GREAT! More on all of my friends, family, etc in the future. Till then BYE.

Oh btw, I hate the damn media for the hype they create around Euro soccer. True soccer is in exhibition at the Copa America, please do watch it. And those #$%^$%&^$%^s at the media dont even...oops! Nothing non-personal today. For another day maybe, hopefully. :)


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P.S : How to edit a post in this damn thing ???, i am afraid i typed in a wrong spelling for umpteen, everythings fair in getting stoned and trippin eh !!!, oops , nuff said :-P


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