Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Bumpy ride!

As I was on the way back to my hostel after a 3 day layoff, I kept thinking about what I would enter in my Blog today. Apparently we Iyengars are famous for just 2 things in Bangalore:
1) Tyre Clinics 2) Puliodhare
Despite the obvious attraction, I couldnt see myself torturing you poor folks by talking about either of these.

So I rode on..and what caught my eye was this sign:
"Jumping Signal Fine Rs. 100 Only"
Have "Jumping Signal Fines" become a valuable commodity for Bangaloreans..so valuable that the cops have begun to give it away at a cheap price. 100 bucks seems like a steal for jumping fines. No..maybe I should scout around Bangalore looking for a better bargain.

The next big landmark along my route is my alma mater - PESIT. The place where most of our Gang studied. Just a sec.."studied" would be the wrong word to use (except for Ameya). Quite an imposing structure, standing desolate on the Ring Road. Not quite desolate, a Dhaba next to it seems to be doing great business. I wish it had been there during our "class suspension days".

Then comes the traffic signal at Devegowda Petrol Pump. "Devegowda" doesnt seem right. Considering the amount of time I spend at this damn signal waiting for it to turn green, maybe it should have been named Vajpayee Petrol Bunk. But not all people wait so long..there are some who jump the signal pretty regularly.
They must either be the target consumers of the sign I was talking about earlier.
Or, if we are looking for an easier answer, they are Ameya-clones. :)

Now comes the most adventurous part of my journey. I have 2 options in front of me.
a) At Delmia, I could go straight and hit Bannerghatta Road and take a right and reach my college. There is a fundamental flaw in the previous sentence. Dhimant would be able to spot it right away. For the rest, let me enlighten you - there is NO road. By my generous, lenient definition a road would be something that has atleast a square inch of tar. But Bannerghatta (non)Road fails that as well. My Hero Honda Splendor gives its best imitation of a horse during this stretch. So remarkable is the impersonation that I have begun to mix grass with my petrol. This clever trick gives me the best of both worlds.

b) But there are times when, like the proverbial horse, I can take mine to Bannerghatta..but cant make it ride on it. So I deviate from my usual course and go through the woods. Actually, it is a wooden bridge (which wouldn't have looked the least bit out-of-place at Cubbon Park) that I need to cross. I am also treated to the scenic view of the sewage that flows under the bridge. Unfortunately, that isn't the worst part of my journey. The narrow lanes further ahead make the sewage just "water under the bridge".

I brave all this and come right near the Arrogant One's office - Honeywell. I can't see Dhimant, but I hear him moaning "Ayn Rand Ayn Rand..". I quickly exit this scene before I am tempted towards the dark side where all people do is read Zen & The Art of Motorcycle/Horse maintenance, Foutainhead, Tuesdays with Mori non-stop.

I finally enter the campus and park/tether my bike/horse near my hostel. That ends my bumpy ride. Whew!

I received quite a few mails from people asking me whether I knew any females at all. I guess they were talking about someone who isnt my mother, sister, cousin. I dont think they meant female horses as well..they are called mares I think.

Do I have any female friends? Yup..I do. 2 to be more accurate. Quite a huge number. 2 more than what I had before I joined Infy. :)

Ahalya, who is in the US and Swati, who is in Hyderabad. Both no longer in Infy and pursuing their higher studies. All the best to them.


At 9:36 PM, Blogger DhiOnlyOne said...

Yeah right chilli!! And you definitely know the gym babe! The one who does the pole-strip scenes. :-)
And talking about reading Ayn Rand...well, actually, now I find Ayn Rand pretty much trashy. But Tuesdays with Morrie Rules!!
Its definitely better than some gross blood spilling parties held frequently in the Stephen King campus :-)

For the record, Bannerghatta national park has extended till IIM B and Honeywell and is spreading beyond. Hahaha...there is no civilization in sight.


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