Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Happiness, Sorrow, Happiness, Sorrow..

The past 4-5 days have been pretty eventful. And not all to my liking. But life doesnt follow a storybook plot. (except in the case of Ayn Rand, where there is no plot to follow)
And thankfully life doesnt follow a Stephen King plot. Coz all the happiness comes to nought at the end when he makes us love a character to tears, and then rends our heart with a simple stroke of adversity. (God! SK is God!)

But, nothing that I write today will be related to books. Apart from words, sentences, paragraphs, etc.

Let me narrate the sorrows and then wrap up the proceedings with a sweet after-taste.

What would have been a dream "sports-year" didnt happen. Of course, I know that I am never going to be contented. But, Argentina winning the Copa America would have capped a wonderful year where all my sports-favourites have excelled immensely.
Hmm..that is life. As SK is fond of saying  "Its a long walk to Eden, so dont sweat the small stuff". So, I got past that trough and hit another one.

This is the 2nd sorrow my subject makes an allusion to. This is of my own-making. :( The ensuing rant would clear a few people who were confused by my previous post.

Simply put, I hate the MBA course. Oh no..I am not saying that the course is bad (actually it is for me). It is a perfect course to be pursued if you are interested in making it big in the Finance or Marketing sector. But, if you are an IT Systems man like me, it is rough going.

"Rough" isnt the right word. It is actually NO going, coz the subjects that I wish to take never get floated. One had just 3 people interested! Yes..3. Actually, 3 people makes it a very light course..and hence it should have floated. Oops..that was a pad bun. Double oops..and that was an even worse spooner.

So here I am slogging over an assignment in a subject that I still do not know the full form of. (BTW, apparently one is supposed to never use a preposition to end a sentence with. :))) Forgive the double grammar gaffes. Things seem to be coming in twins today.

Where was I? Ahh yes..MBA sucks. So, please make an informed decision before you actually take the plunge.
Enough of all the melancholy. Here are some of the great things that have happened.

India have made it to the Finals!! Woohoo..Men In Blue Shining all fine. :)

And to the Big Cahoona (as my dear friend Rajneesh likes to say) - Bandhar and me were invited to an FM91.0 Radio City interview to kick off Friendship Week. It was absolute fun. Bandhar's nickname, which he had been trying to guard fervently, became public to Bangalore city.
(The entire list of questions & answers are available on request to a selected few. Actually, I have already told the "selected few" everything. So, the list is off the rack.)

It was a great experience. And a perfect antidote to all the other malaises. Sigh!


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