Monday, August 23, 2004


If you would recall, I had mentioned in one of my earliest posts (#3 I think) that I never lose my temper. Well, guess what? I was wrong!

The reason this time are the esteemed gentlemen who run the institute that I currently study in. During the orientation, these gems on earth declaredthat our most esteemed institute had the largest choice of electives.

To take an inspiration from Douglas Adams, apparently the meaning of the word choice that they allude to is something I am not very familiar with. Or maybe it is beyond my time/knowledge.

If you would recall another earlier post of mine, I had warned you readers on being well-informed before doing an MBA. And my main point of contention was the fact that I wasn't being given the opportunity to specialise in the stream of my choice. Ahh..choice..this word rears its ugly hood once again.

If you are beginning to feel irritated by the fact that I am just rambling on without actually getting to the point, so be it. I don't give a fiddler's fart!
(I may come back another day to remove the last 2 lines. But right now they reflect my feelings to the fullest.)

Now to the specifics of reason behind the outburst - There were just 2 IT Systems subjects initially floated for the next term. Turns out one didn't make it through because of few registrations. And I am not even in a mood to repeat my float-light joke.

So, here I am introspecting. Here I am trying to re-create my entire thought process that went into my decision to take up an MBA. Here I am hoping to pick the elusive point that has missed me all along, the point that would help me in shifting the entire blame onto someone else.

Nope..that wont happen. The blame lies squarely on my shoulders. I wasn't smart enough to see through the web of deception the institute weaves around the public. And this is what rankles me the most. As Anthony says in Julius Caesar, "It was the unkindest cut of all".

Me, one of the first persons to unravel the false hype created around Tendulkar, failed to do so here. And if I have in any way unintentionally hurt the sentiments of those sincerely pursuing an MBA, I would like to state that I am sorry. I didn't mean it to be unintentional. I intended it to hurt.
(Another few lines that I would definitely be deleting in the future.)


At 10:11 PM, Blogger Vivek Krishna said...

hmm i thought IIMB was the best for IT systyems specializtion .. .what is the course you are referring to ? and btw what are the IT systems courses available in IIMB?


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