Tuesday, August 10, 2004

As you like it

The story goes that William Shakespeare after writing a particular play couldnt come up with a suitable title. So he named it As you like it. Get the drift?

Anyway, my weekend went along fine.

Got to see Bandhar's new car yesterday. Wow! I would like to say "it rocks". Unfortunately Dhimant has made this phrase into a kind of overkill in his blog..so I just shall say "it is stunning!".

Well, my opinion currently is based just on my experiences with it being parked. Bandhar assured us that the driving would equally blow us away (apparently, he can touch 95 km/h in 2nd gear!). He also assured us with absolute conviction that his Maruthi Baleno is 2.5 cms shorter than a Hyundai Accent, but definitely 3.332323525 cms longer than a Opel Corsa. (I would like to thank him from the bottom of my heart for this piece of data. I wonder how I have been living my life all along with no shame whatsoever on not knowing this information!)

We also had chaat at Gangasagar. Nope, not Gangothri. These 2 Bong shops are right next to each other, with a small tailor's shop in between. The fonts used for the 2 shops are the same. The food items being sold are the same. These observations led to the birth of an interesting theory from yours truly.

Methinks that the Bong family had 3 sons (2 brothers, 1 step-brother). They had a fight with Bandhar regarding the fact that he could barely speak Bengali. An auto-driver got into this fight and was rightly slapped away by Bandhar. Incidentally, this was the same auto-driver who had rescued 2 of the Bong brothers from a near-death experience (well, they had been watching Kuch Kuch Hota Hai). The step-brother had been left behind to watch the entire movie. And that pleased him no end. Hence he sided with Bandhar in the original fight that I was talking about.

After more bickering, quarreling, altercating (and many more synonyms of the word "fight"), the Bong family split up. The elder brother retained the larger portion of Gangothri. The younger one changed his portion to Gangasagar. And the step-brother got the proverbial step-brotherly treatment - he was given the tiny tailor's shop.

And what about Bandhar...well, he just slapped the auto-driver once again! (But that is another story for another day!)

Wow! I think I have all the signs of becoming a great soap writer.

Speaking of soaps comes to the third and most interesting part of this entry.
Chatted with Rajneesh's "audience". Before I begin the narration of the incident, I would like to categorically state that I find nothing wrong in watching Tamil soaps. (This is directed to the audience in particular. I would request Rajneesh to do the needful.)

Back to the chat incident. I was indeed stunned to see Rajneesh talk about Chithi (a very famous Tamil soap). But it turned out that the keyboard was now being shared by both him & his audience. And it was slightly tough to detect actually who was in control - but I did my best in being polite all the time. Just to be on the safer side. :)

My first impression of the "audience" was that she had been hibernating since the late 80s. The movies she mentioned clearly belonged to that era..and she didnt have a clue about the latest. But it turned out that she also harboured the same opinion about me. I would like to state that my immense knowledge of Tamil cinema led her to come to this false conclusion.
(Hmm..modesty surely isnt my virtue when it comes to this subject.)

All through this conversation there used to be the occassional comment from Rajneesh which expressed his deep interest in the topic of discussion. Not wanting to disappoint him, we continued to pique his interest even more.
Just when I began to realise that this chat wasnt going to provide me with any juicy tidbits to write about in my blog came this - "Rajneesh's nick in PSU is Rajjo".

Of course, I was going to return her favour by divulging Rajjo's nick in our neck of the woods. Unfortunately, Rajjo hit her on the head with his gym keys and usurped total control. Damn!!!!

Lets hope that I get the opportunity to have a longer conversation with "audience" and return her favour. (I may have to go undercover to escape Rajjo's wrath..but he isnt going to come to India for quite some time. That gives me enough time to plot my escape.)


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