Saturday, March 11, 2006

Initial thoughts on the Bagreen Grand Prix

For all those F1 ignoramuses, the Formula-1 season begins at Bagreen this year. And it promises to be one heck of a joy ride…or drive as the more appropriate it may be.

This news item has quite a bit of snippets, and some more hidden lines, that I managed to unearth thanks to my perspicuity.

Look at the picture in the page. Obviously, the guy in red likes the blue guy more than the white guy. Is he suggesting anything here?
Could it be that Mr. Red is actually planning on switching his alliances to the Blue side. Strange you might think, but not if you consider this gem of a quote from Mr. Red:
Also, we all have team mates so it’s got to be a nice season for all of us.
Now…why on earth would someone mention this explicitly?
Does a soccer player say, “Also, we all have team mates so it’s got to be a great season!”? Obviously not.
Then why did our pal mention about having team mates?
Here’s my reasoning:
The intimate camaraderie with another driver (who wasn’t a team-mate) definitely implied what I doubted. So, to sidetrack the loyal fans (I think they are called toffees (Ravalgon?)), he decided to proclaim his loyalty. Fast one…but not fast enough for me.

Another person mentions his fetish for urine. Remember the late 1960s when they actually banned drivers from peeing into the fuel tank? Apparently that rule has been relaxed. Atleast that’s what I gathered from this dude’s quote:
but obviously this weekend I will have number one on my car so it’s dream come true and I will try my best again
He goes on to enlighten new fans like me with some breathtaking announcements. Sample this:
It will depend on how quick the car is
And here I was thinking the whole time about how the slowest guy would end up with the lungi cloth they wave to signify victory. Thanks for that pearl!

The season hasn’t even begun, and the excitement is already so palpable. That’s why they say, “There is no sport better than F1”.
(Actually the original quote was more along the lines of “There! F1 is no sport”. But all that is water under the bridge)

F1 Rocks!!!


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