Sunday, February 05, 2006

“This is the way life is supposed to be…”

I was going to do a review of Rang De Basanti. But I decided to see it once again, before coming up with the review. And after the second viewing last Wednesday, I was faced with a dilemma. I shall get to that in a moment.

Before that, this is how my thoughts were bouncing around, right after the first time I had seen it. “Hmm…not bad. Pretty ok movie. Maybe…just maybe, I had expected a bit too much…”

The following morning: “Holy Chandramouli!!! I definitely need to see it again. And this time, not just for the initial reason – God…” … “well…that too as well…”

Rahman’s music takes the movie to a whole new level. But surprisingly, that won’t be the point of today’s post. God being God…well you expect such things. (unless the director really manages to tank the good songs as in A Aa or MP)

After a lot of thinking to clear the dilemma (see…I did get to it, albeit not in a moment) regarding what RDB really stood for. On the surface level, it’s quite obvious – disinterested generation, forced to act up for the country. But, what really propels the entire thing…that interested me more. And, to me, therein lies the beauty of this film. The beauty of all the frames – the friendship.

The guys rose up simply because of something that happened to their friend. Period. Me being myself, I look selfishly into the friend part, (not ignoring the rest, mind you,) but just fascinated by the depiction of such pure friendship. And from there, I directly skip to the actual content of today’s post.

Four of us.
Four pairs of feet dangling out of my house’s balcony.
Four of us swaying our heads and feet to a combination of gaanas, patriotic songs and…hey saala

There we were surveying the world beneath us. We had our worries. We have our worries. But we had each other as well. And suddenly, amidst the gloom there is more than a glimmer of light…roobarooo roshni

That’s all it is. But we felt so much at peace. So much of joy. I guess that’s how mysterious friendship can be.

And for the four who were sitting on the balcony, for those two hours, definitely…
“this is the way life is supposed to be”

I wouldn’t want to miss it for anything else in this world.
A nice end to the whole day with a chat with Rajjo. Living miles away, he still wishes for us to think of him as being present in spirit. [Always dude! Absolutely always, and as I said, “…and no. I am not talking about a cow joke!”]

(Oh before I end this post, a small bit of news:
This is that time of the year again. Avi & me continuing a tradition we started last year. So, for the next 40 days, Swamy Sharanam)


At 6:30 AM, Blogger pophabhi said...

Same feeling that I got :) Great da!

At 7:44 PM, Blogger Rusty said...

There are a lot of reasons to believe in RDB, this is jus' one of them and yes, it's true.


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