Thursday, March 09, 2006


I have been targetted!
I have received hate scraps. (“hate” might be too strong a word here)

I shall get to the details, although I am a bit wary of being asked to “get a life”.
Sigh. Why do these things happen to me?

Anyway, here is what happened.

Ages ago, I started an orkut community on F1. It was called F1 Sucks. Now, please do not point out the obviousness of this name. At about the same time, Rajjo had written a post and a mail on the “greatness” of Formula 1.


Then I went ahead and wrote a post on the “joy” of F1 watching, after receiving a notification on some jerk winning title.


Double standards. Note to self: get a life!!!


Now to the present. Or rather, the recent pastish present.
A guy called Eternally (?) leaves this in my scrapbook:-
jus found ur community "F1 sucks"... u say u were a mclaren fan... too bad u think f1 sucks...its not a sham by the way... and u insult the drivers too... maybe u shud try driving 70 laps over a 5 km circuit at 325 kph...special effects it seems... ha! the only special effect that might happen is 'IF' mclaren wins a championship...screw u , ur community and the members in ur community...funny thing though is that u started the community in july last yr or 2004? after all this time u only hav 8 memebers including u in ur community...thats saaaad maaaan... ha ha

>> jus found ur community "F1 sucks"
I am not really that conversant with the SMS lingo, but pardon me if I ask a simple question. Isn’t “ur” short for “you are”? So that would mean I am a community. Or does he mean kamminaatti? I would go for the latter (for the uninformed, kamminaatti is a swear word in Tamil)

>> u say u were a mclaren fan
??? Now this was a surprise. Given the choice between being born again as a mclaren fan and a commode, I would opt for the latter. So how did Eternally come to this conclusion?
Upon further research, I realized what caused this – I had written, “If you think this is a group started by a vexed McLaren fan, you couldnt be further off from the truth.” Brilliant work Sherlock!

>>... and u insult the drivers too
Agreed. I think I would do that. Always. So our pal finally gets something right. Just had to give him some time.

>>... maybe u shud try driving 70 laps over a 5 km circuit at 325 kph
Is that some Maths problem for me to solve? Either way, the answer is Boredom! But yes, I shall listen to Eternally’s (ok I have to confess! I really enjoy using his name. His name is almost a vindication of all that is “great” about F1) advice and try doing that driving.

>>...screw u , ur community and the members in ur community
Redundancy galore. But isn’t that what F1 actually is? So, I shall let that pass…

>> funny thing though is that u started the community in july last yr or 2004?
Yup, that is funny. Frankly, I can’t see what tickled you Eternally. But, let me play along, and show some sensitivity to your fragile mental state.

>> thats saaaad maaaan... ha ha
You forgot a few more A’s in your “thats”. It should be “thaaaaaats saaaaaad maaaaaaaan”. Gives a better effect. Make that special effect.

Apart from this scrap, there is another person whose name is either Saad or Saab, who asks me to show some sportsmanship, and delete the community. I am perplexed. What does sports have to do with F1? Am I missing something here?

There are a few more posts in the community by a few anons requesting me to perform unnatural tasks (as Rajjo would have said). Quite spineless of them to not leave their names. But they are not F1-haters…so that explains…

But all this is history, albeit quite recent.

I have reformed.
I have lit the bulb.
I have got a life.

So, I shall now cover the upcoming F1 season assiduously. Expect a lot of inside information on each of the races, drivers, fuelboys, mechanics, etc in this blog. I initially decided to pick a favourite and look at things from his perspective, but that reduces the humour…I mean honour…quotient. So people…rejoice!

F1 Rocks!!!

(Do I need to add a :P to the mix? :P)


At 2:01 AM, Blogger Avinash said...

Oh My God!!

At 2:57 AM, Blogger Randhir said...

"ur" is short for "your" and not "you are"

At 2:32 AM, Anonymous 3ternally Vindictive said...

actually i dunno if i shud feel sorry 4 u or laugh my ass off at ur response... i think randhir got wat i meant better than u did... ur= your and u r = you are ... so get ur sms vocab rite nxt time will ya... and u'd rather b a commode huh ? no wonder u start "shitty" communities... lol! and if u still dont knw wat f1 has 2 do wit sport... u definitely R missing a whole lot!!! by the way ... i still stand by wat i said b4 and im sure the millions of f1 fans would back me up too... where as the only ppl who'll listen 2 ur bullcrap would b the sorry members in ur lame-ass community!

At 12:47 PM, Blogger Rajneesh said...

He's right. Get your damn sms wat the h3ll!

At 10:26 PM, Blogger Sridhar Raman said...

3t3rnAlly v1nd1ct1v3:
U r g00d! Do U ppl r0am arnd in grps? :p
Thanks for the entertainment you people provide.
Thanks for making up the other end of the intellectual spectrum. LOL.


At 12:04 PM, Blogger Rajneesh said...

I'd be careful dude. That guy is threeternally vindictive...thrice as vindictive as someone who is um... unitarilyvindictive.

At 1:22 PM, Blogger Newfire said...



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