Monday, March 13, 2006

Great sporting weekend

South Africa whip the Aussies.
India completes the formalities against the Poms. can one ignore the best action of the weekend...a 11 second pit-stop!!! Gosh! Please control your excitement. They need to put a disclaimer at the bottom of the screen - Warning: This pit-stop shouln't be watched without the supervision of an elder. Highly dangerous!

That pit-stop, unfortunately, got relegated to the sidelines by this conversation at Coffee Day.
Ameya: You can change the tyres!
Me: Wow!!!
Kaushik: No...I mean...
Me: Wow!!!
Kaushik: Last year, you couldn't change the tyre's...err...what is that called da...
Me: You mean drivers could go with 3 tyres. Wouldnt that be an auto-rickshaw? Hey..."naan autokkaaran autokkaaran..."
Kaushik: No no!! A tyre's...
Me: material? It can be glass or paper or thermocol?
Kaushik: da. You can change the tyre's...
Me: colour? Has to be the colour.
Kaushik: No! I got it. If you choose dry tyres, you can't then change them to wet tyres even if it begins to rain.
Me: Hmm...but dont my tyres automatically change from dry to wet when it rains. I mean...all objects do...seems a bit strange. Oh ok...the tyres are hydrophobes?
Kaushik: No da...the grip. The grip. You can't change the grip. Or couldn't. Now you can.
Me: Ohhhhhh...
Me again: But seriously think about it. Different coloured tyres? How cool would that look! You could entice the circus-goers as well...ok...that is too high a goal.

Bloody Bagreen!


At 10:37 PM, Blogger Dhanush said...

Hilarious :-)
I wish I could have those dry and wet tyres on my bike and had a team and pit stop around bangalore to change those ;)


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