Wednesday, August 17, 2005

“I hit the post”

Yup, that was the only line I wanted my post to have. But since a lot of things have happened in the past 5 days, I need to club all of them together.
(Warning: As always, there would be cryptic messages entwined somewhere)

“I hit the goal post.” Damn!
(This is a reference to the first shuffling thought in my previous post. Hope that clears things up.)

“Balderdash to my next Big Decision.” Crap!
I tried my best, I swear. But I wasn’t able to stick to it. And I don’t think I would be able to in the future as well. So I am back to one Big Decision, and that is working right as I need it to.

“I feel like slapping you.” Hmm…
One of the offshoots of me not sticking to my “decision”. Thank god for that. I did whatever I could to help. And I think it helped. That made me happy…heck…very very happy. That is incentive enough.

“We have no right to crib.” Very true.
Had been to the Parade Grounds on Independence Day. The joy in the faces of the visually impaired kids on receiving the trophy for the best marchers. *sigh* No words to describe that. Only I repeat, “no damn right to crib about anything.”

All this and a lot more fire-fighting needs to be done.

Now that the presentation is out of the way, I need to work on completing a story that has been gathering dust. I also need to work on the next installment of the Electric Man. And I need to meet up with a friend who has finally got back to Bangalore, and would rejoin the Gang. Nice things to look forward to.

Oh by the way, my mother forced me to show her the two short stories I had written (thanks to some distant relation!). And she is disappointed. Finds them too bleak, black, dark, etc. :))


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