Saturday, July 30, 2005

“Scandal in Bohemia”

I guess most of us know this story about one of the rare Sherlock Holmes’ failure. The way he was outwitted by Irene Adler in SiB is a classic. Well, this Saturday was pretty much the same to me.

What started out as a trap set for another friend of mine, turned out to be one that blew up in my face. In fact, I had written an entire post on that trap, and decided to finish it once the final scene had been enacted. Well, after how the trap unraveled, that post is never going to see the light of day. “Shift-delete. Yes.” Now, to begin afresh.

I set up a “brilliant” plot to pull a fast one on Kiddo 2. And the main instrument in this was to be the girl (whose name I do not yet have the authority to mention) who was responsible for the “fallen co-God”. Somewhere along the line, I turned out to be the messee, instead of the messer. Of course, the architect for this turn-around was the just-mentioned girl. I have no idea about the details on when exactly I was being steered to the conclusion that she aimed for, but it was a fun ride this week. As I read the last few lines I’ve written, I realize it is possible to do so without a wince, and that I think is definitive proof that it was fun for me as well. Heck, let me becoming the victim of this trap be my birthday gift to her, which incidentally fell on the 28th. :) (Yup. I found another silver lining - no need to waste money. Hehe!)

So, apparently my ex-co-God has captured all my emotions of elation, sympathy, laughter and shock on the camera. I need to see that. Possibly the gamut of emotions would be an appropriate fore-runner for a post I’ve been planning for some time. (and nope eV, it is not Story – 3 I am talking about. Hold your horses. Too many events on Saturday.)

Another event before the “final scene enacting” was showing some of the old photos in my comp to her. Amidst all the laughs at her Kiddo’s hairstyle in 12th, came a few more funny moments, and a somber moment as well. Things that make me realize why I have so much fun with my old friends, and a few things that make me ache. Now when I sit down to ruminate and type this, I realize these “aching” things are the ones that provide substance to my stand of remaining a God. These make me realize that even sorrow can be satisfying. I know, sounds weird. But that is what I felt. To use a Stephen King-esque metaphor, you may have to open a few boxes despite knowing there are monsters inside them. These monsters are going to be there for the rest of the life. You might as well get acquainted and like them. Yup, this is the monster that gives me a reason to stay a God. For life. I long for it.

(Ok, the last paragraph on the photo-viewing event might go over most heads. But the Gang should be able to comprehend.)

Oh btw, the events of the day weren’t over yet. After a coffee with the ex-God-couple, I went to watch Anniyan – with my parents. The second time was even better. My father and I are big fans of Sujatha’s dialogues, and this movie was a treat for us. And yes, Sadha still looks crappy (sorry Pamsy). :))

And that was Saturday. Phew!


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