Friday, May 20, 2005

Lows & Highs

Whatever happened to…

…poetic justice?
Two seasons back, the Detroit Pistons made it to the conference finals of the NBA and lost. It was a considerable achievement by a team that had been struggling in the playoffs the years before that – and this had been achieved under the astute stewardship of their coach, Rick Carlisle. But what followed next was a shocker! Rick gets sacked and in comes Larry Brown, who takes the Pistons to the NBA title. The conference finals was against the Pacers, who incidentally were being coached by ol’ Rick, and the first and only rule of Poetic Justice says “Thou shalt win the series and gain sweet…oh so sweet revenge!”. But nope!
If that was last season, a repeat occurs this year with the Pacers losing again to the Pistons. Shouldn’t there have been a victory to the Pacers for all they have gone through, or in particular shouldn’t Rick Carlisle get a chance to prove that Detroit made the wrong move (despite having made the right move). But nope…and that’s saddening.
In case you forget, I am actually a die-hard Pistons fan.
But I still feel bad for Rick.

Life aint fair one bit. :(

…fairy-tale endings?
Reggie Miller, one of the all-time great players of the NBA, Reggie, who would have been my favourite player but for my affection towards the Pistons, Reggie, the best 3-point shooter the world has seen, had gone through 18 years of the NBA without a single title to his name. This is/was his last season and all good things in the world should have helped him win that one elusive ring. But nope!
The Pistons beat the Pacers to seal Reggie’s final hopes once and for all. Sad!

Life aint fair one bit. :(

…joyful bus-rides?
If there is any good quality in me that I am remotely proud of, it has to be my adjustability to any kind of transportation. I can enjoy a languid train ride as much as a bumpy bus ride. I can enjoy navigating through the horrid Bangalore traffic on my bike as much as I would in a car.
Well, all that has gone for a toss. My bus-rides back from office everyday are so boring, painful, excruciating. As I board the bus, the funereal atmosphere overwhelms me. Each person seems to be dead to the world or stuck to his mobile, which is in fact the same thing in effect. The only sound you hear is that of the murmurings into the mobiles, and the occasional snore.
The ambience is not improved one bit by the almost non-existent interior lighting, which makes my attempts to read a book akin to Arjuna shooting arrows in the dark – minus the accuracy. With no one alive nearby to strike up a conversation I decide to fall into a serene, dreamless sleep. And that’s another problem.
It is too sound a sleep. In the past five days, I have missed my stop on 2 occassions! I get up groggy and disoriented near Rajjo’s old house and lug myself back home. No one nearby to wake me up, no one to keep me awake…aargh…what a difference from the earlier school bus-rides or the ones back from my old company (in the company of Avi & Kalkoti). Sad!

Life aint fair one bit. :(

This isn’t the kind of post I would have preferred to read (much less write) at the cusp of a 3-day weekend. So, let me try change the mood.

Monday is a holiday on account of Buddha Poornima. I guess it celebrates something related to the founder of Buddhism. We Gods (Akshai & me) haven’t finalized the date that would go down the ages as the day to celebrate the birth of our religion - Singularism. :)) Discussion is still on…

One of my favourite singers, Chinmayi, has started blogging. My sincere thanks to Kaps for directing me to her blog. She was the one who sang the song “Deivam thandha poove” in the movie Kannathil Muthamittaal, a movie that won Rahman his 4th national award. From the looks of it, her posts seem to be as clear and lucid as her heavenly voice.

I have my school (Joseph’s) reunion this Sunday. We guys would be meeting up after 10 years, and though a lot of things have changed since then, some still remain the same. For starters, my nickname. I was first called Chilli in 6th standard, and I am still Chilli to all my friends. Sometimes I wonder whether I would really like that to change.

And sometimes I also wonder whether I would be able to do a better job of steering my life than what inexorable fate is doing. Maybe yes. Maybe not. But let me end here. More rumination on this would plunge my post to Ayn-Randish levels…and that is an abyss I wish to avoid at all costs.


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