Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Yesterday saw the end of another chapter in my life – my post graduation. The final bow at the end of the convocation gives me the authority to “proudly” enter the world of managers as one amongst them. Though technically I am not an “MBA”, just a post-graduate diploma holder, the world shall always think so. And I am not sure whether that is a blessing or a curse.

I have blogged enough on my doubts regarding the validity of an MBA degree, or to put it in a more polite way, doubts regarding my affinity towards the managerial qualification. To speak yet again on this topic at this juncture would be a tad clichéd. Hence I shall drop this topic with a small mention of the convocation ceremony.

It had the usual standing in the sun, listening to boring speeches, final farewells to quite a few people, etc…but my gang surprised me (shocked would be more apt a word) by actually turning up at IIMB to cheer me. The experience was so overwhelming that it took a few minutes for my brain to register. If I looked like I was giving my best imitation of a flower-pot, I am really sorry. But I was truly and absolutely speechless! Now that I have found my words, I wouldn’t like to sully our friendship with a Thank you. The expression that I would like to convey hasn’t found its place in the dictionary yet.

Incidentally, yesterday’s getting together of the gang was a momentous occasion for another reason. With Ameya leaving for his 3 month US trip this weekend and The Devil not too sure about his whereabouts in the future, there is a huge question mark on when we would all be together again.

Maybe its time to put into action another roadtrip plan. Guys – Honnemardu – When?

In case anyone is interested in knowing more about my Shabari Malai trip, Avinash has narrated it neatly in his blog. Please check it out. I was laid down with the flu for a week, and that has pretty much taken away my enthusiasm to blog on that trip. Now that I am back on my feet, and have a month’s hols to burn you should be seeing a lot more updates here…damn!! I shouldn’t have said that. Now I am sure to find writing as hard as Ganguly is finding it score runs.

Since cricket is in the vicinity, a passing mention on Indian cricket – in my opinion, the blame for the 3rd test loss falls squarely on Dravid. If he does well, India wins. If he doesn’t, India loses. That’s it. The remaining 10 are just the supporting cast.

Hmm…that small bit on cricket has whetted my appetite. I can see the structure of my next post. I have the data. I have the analyses. I just need to update everything and come up with the final output.

Oh, let me atleast break the suspense regarding the title of the next post – Dravid vs Sachin. :))
(Infy guys should be mightily pleased..eh?)


At 11:00 PM, Blogger Avinash said...

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At 11:01 PM, Blogger Avinash said...

Come on dude... we have had ENOUGH of that(sachin dravid)... I am sure you will not have anyone to challange you this time... I shall post it on BB if you want to have some fun..


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