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Sachin vs Dravid

True to my word, today’s post shall be on the everlasting battle in sports folders across the nation – Rahul Dravid vs Sachin Tendulkar. Avinash had the best intentions in his mind when he tried to stop me from posting my thoughts on this topic. He has witnessed the fights that I had raised in the Infy Sports folder. Even prior to that, the Gang have been witness to countless arguments that began in 1996. Here is my honest attempt to put to rest all those squabbles and prove that my conclusion is beyond reproach.

“Talent is cheaper than table salt..” is one of my favourite Stephen King quotes. What separates the truly greats from the so-called greats is not talent, nor is it skill, nor is it the oft-misused word – genius. It is the way a person nurtures his talent, uses it effectively to solve the problem at hand. I am not suggesting that greatness has to be measured by a simple ratio of performance to talent. But talent alone wouldn’t and shouldn’t give one an easy entry into the corridors of greatness. And so it is with cricketers as well.

A batsman cannot be judged merely by the number of runs he scores, or a bowler by the number of wickets he gets. Cricket is a team-game, albeit not in the mould of football or basketball or hockey, and it is the manner in which a player responds to the situation that his team is currently in and takes them to a position of victory, or at the very least security, that truly indicates the greatness of a player. The NBA never dishes out a Best Player award at the end of every season. It is always the MVP that is the most presitigious, the trophy more hallowed than any other individual honour. It is given to the player who has been the biggest influential factor in turning his team’s fortunes. The MVP is not given to the player who has scored the most points per game, etc. And so it is with cricketers as well. And more so with batsmen.

Compounding to the parameter of the situation of the game, is the place of battle. Cricket is unique in this respect by the dual problems associated with away games. The crowd support (or lack of) may be a defining factor in most away games in most sports. But in cricket, there is the vagaries of the pitch as well. A great batsman is one who excels in all conditions, be it the swinging conditions of NZ or Zim or the seaming conditions of Aus and WI, and not just the dustbowls of India. It is needless to add that this conquest of varying challenges must contribute to the team’s cause.

Or is it really that needless? Most cricketing judges seem to forget this factor very conveniently when they come to the rescue of Tendulkar. Their common excuse, “How can Sachin help it if the rest don’t rally around?!” holds no water. Batting is more an art of building partnerships rather than accumulating runs. In his illustrious 16 year career, Sachin has racked up around 58 century partnerships. A notable achievement indeed. But when you realise that Dravid has around 51 century partnerships in a career that started 7 years after Sachin’s, 58 seems like a small number. And this partly explains why Dravid has contributed more to the team’s cause than Sachin, despite a career that is almost half as young. And nope, Sachin hasn’t missed too many games since Dravid’s debut – just 5.

Coming to the comparison on their away performances front. Let us first look at their averages in the respective countries:
(figures in bold denote the higher of the two averages)

Overall Career Averages
NZ 41.5064.57
SA 42.4042.11
SL 111.6646.55
WI 47.6963.66

This table highlights the disparity between the 2 batsmen in full glow. There really is no need for me to even explain the implications. But there maybe a few doubters who feel that it is unfair to compare the 2 players as Sachin began his career as a 16 year old, and hence more prone to failings in his early years. The graph below comes to to dispel this very doubt. It shows the averages of the 2 players since Dravid’s debut - 1996-06-20. Now the conditions, opposition, situation are all the exact same for both the players. In fact, Dravid has a handicap of having to quell his initial fears. But I gracefully waive away this handicap. :) With this advantage, one may expect Sachin to come out on tops - but nope! Dravid is still far ahead.

Post-Dravid Averages
NZ 46.7164.57
SA 48.2242.11
SL 116.7546.55
WI 47.6963.66

Now we come to the final lap of the proof. Let us look at the performances of the 2 players with respect to the match results. (post-Dravid’s debut)

Performance wrt Match Result

This table makes the picture clearer. Dravid has played 21 innings that helped his team won and 26 that helped them draw – a total of 47. Sachin, on the other hand, has played 38 innings which have either helped India win or draw. But the number which proves who has been the more valuable and influential player for India is the average when India loses. Sachin is nearly 40 with 15 innings of his that failed to help the team, while Dravid languishes at an average of 29 and just 9 innings. If Dravid bats well, India does well. If he doesn’t, India doesn’t. That is the true indicator of an MVP.

After “genius”, the other most oft-misued word has to be “masterpiece”. Nowadays every good innings is anointed as a masterpiece. But the actual masterpieces are those rare innings like Dravid’s 148 at Leeds, or his 233 at Adelaide, or Laxman’s 281 at Kolkata, or Ganguly’s 144 at Brisbane. Can Sachin lay claim to even one such innings? Hmm..maybe his 136 against Pak in Chennai might havemade the list, but as has been his trend he couldn’t see India through. Compare that to Dravid’s 72 against Aus at Adelaide when he stayed till the end to lead us to an historic triumph. And you have the answer.

There were two reasons for me to post this on my blog.
At the most optimistic and altruistic level, I hope this post has served as an eye-opener for a lot of Sachin fans. ;-)

But at a purely selfish level, this has been a good way to vent my frustration at the public for their ignorance of the greatness of the true performer – The Great Wall of India aka Jammy aka Rahul Sharad Dravid.


At 12:52 AM, Blogger Rajneesh said...


At 6:27 PM, Blogger Randhir said...

Oh NOOOOOOOO!!! Not again!!!

At 3:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why are there two paragraphs of a 'more talented Sachin' implication . Does this mean the author concedes that Sachin is more talented than Rahul Dravid
- Random Sridar Raman Blog reader

At 11:37 AM, Blogger Sridhar Raman said...

Yes, Mr. Random Reader. :) I assumed it was pretty obvious from my post. In case it lent room to ambiguity, I state it more clearly - Sachin is more talented. (And so was Vinod Kambli.)

Oh, in case this other thing didnt come out clearly as well - Dravid is the better player and performer. :)

Now what you would choose between the two is pretty obvious, isnt it? ;-)

At 11:11 PM, Anonymous Vivek said...

Couldn't agree more with you... In fact, a while back, when Tendulkar didn't make it to the Wisden 100 list of top innings, I was bit disappointed, but was quite sure there was nothing wrong about that. It's clear as daylight that Sachin is a fantastic cricketer. But it's also equally clear that he hasn't been able to take India to victory as many times as he should have.

Well done with the stats! The only thing I wonder about is the presence of a supporting act. No one can turn games around if you don't have someone batting at the other end. I've noticed that a lot of times when Dravid bats well someone else does well too... like Ind-Aus 2001, Ind-SL @ WC99, Ind-NZ @Hyd when Dravid made 153 to Sachin's 186, etc. I just wonder whether lack of batsmen of the quality of Laxman, Sehwag and Ganguly might have taken the shine off Tendulkar's record in his earlier years.

But anyway, as of today, Dravid is a man I'd pick over Tendulkar with my eyes closed.

Good post!

At 10:34 PM, Anonymous poonam sharma said...

rahul is the best player in the world. sachin'era has gone. 2000s belong to rahul. his averages r better than sachin's. but yet we , unfair indians, cannot place rahul ahead of sachin. macgrath targets rahul so do warne & kaneria. if sachin is really good at present , why dun they target him.haha sachin is indeed (agree wt me or not)losing his numero uno status to dravid

At 9:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

u indian fool!!!...its not about winning a match...or having a greater average or more number of centuries... its about the beauty one has added to the game.... its about the thrill they provide to the game... and surely nobody has done that better and more consistently then Sachin...

tell me one single reason why lata Mangeskar is a greater singer than Alka Yagnik.... the same is with Sachin and Dravid...its about playing a game of so much pressure for so many years at the highest level of excellence

Amitab Bachan of ur country is/was a great actor, but he didnt win every of the annual awards, did he?

At 12:09 AM, Blogger Sridhar Raman said...

Sigh...Mr. Wise Guy, do you know the difference between a sport, and an entertainment item? I can't argue with someone who compares a cricket to cinema. Sport is something beyond all that.

Hopefully you will get wiser and understand that.

Get well soon.

At 6:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you conveniently leave out Sachin's innnings at Sharjah against Australia in 98? It was actually one of the greatest innings in one day international that I've seen - back to back centuries in semi's and final's - when whole team failed to perform!! - Was Dravid a part of that match?

In your comparison chart i.e. pre and post Dravid, do not forget the fact that for the first 75-100 matches Sachin used to be 5th or 6th order batsman - not the best thing for ones averages.

Also in your last chart, it also highlights the fact that Sachin was the only guy who played in crisis - 15 centuries when the team lost? Is there another such unfortunate guy on the face of this earth? Also would you attribute the loss to the rest of the Indian team or to the person who made a century trying to come out of it?

Can you PLEASE also have a chart of strike rates???

I rest my case.

Thank you.

P.S. - If talent is really cheaper than salt, I'm ready to spare a couple bucks (any currency) to get what Sachin's got...

At 6:21 AM, Blogger Sridhar Raman said...

Did you conveniently ignore the fact that I am talking about Test cricket here?

>> In your comparison chart i.e. pre and post Dravid, do not forget the fact that for the first 75-100 matches Sachin used to be 5th or 6th order batsman - not the best thing for ones averages.
Did you conveniently ignore the fact that I am talking about Test cricket here?

>>Can you PLEASE also have a chart of strike rates???
Did you conveniently ignore the fact that I am talking about Test cricket here?

>>I rest my case.
I hope so. But please make sure you know what "case" you are talking about before you rest it.

At 5:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I cannot but agree with you. Rahul Dravid is the greatest batsman India has produced. Sachin is along with Sunil Gavaskar the most selfish batsman India has produced.

At 5:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I cannot but agree with you. Rahul Dravid is the greatest batsman India has produced. Sachin along with Sunil Gavaskar are the most selfish batsmen India has produced.

At 1:28 PM, Blogger Anurag said...

Mr.Sridhar..your arguement even though you might think is pretty actually pretty old...and it never changes...well one pointer..while making an arguement don't waste too much time trying to create a base (talent is cheap in ur case)..okay so I will try to be precise here :

I LOVE Rahul dravid...his persona...his methodical approach...his tenacity....his good nature...his absolute craftsmanship...ohh he is a delight to watch...and is good enough to be anyone's role model...

Sachin is GOD :-)....

most people when they start this arguement (you are no exception)...make it implicit that stats dont mean shit...and then suddenly they will make an arguement using exactly that ..."how many times india won when Sachin scored"..THAT is a STAT...but anyhow i will go with that and say....The number of times one scored and the country REALLY means that the man rose up to the occasion...or wasnt it ?...the country lost so it must have been .. No ???...
I believe there has been no one..and i NO ONE in the whole wide world of sports who has really shouldered that much rsponsibility....ohh everytime Sachin has walked on to the pitch the whole nation has had so many expectations...its funny how he is measured up only against himself mostly....and even after that he has manytimes when he one else even chipped in a little...who can forget the chennai test...there was a wisden i would say the fact that there are so many matches when he scored and the country dint win...was because NO ONE else rose when he did...and what is it again...ohh yeah...Bad Luck ! ...wanna see how good a player is using just stats...then see how many times he scored when the country lost !...

well I guess there is no debate about his no going there :-)..

Also...Sports is meant for entertainment....winning or loosing is just for records....yes, if u must, every ball that is bowled is a battle...sometimes the baller wins..sometimes the batsman..and sometimes the fielder...the whole match is a war...and one looses and one wins...but if you really enjoy the sport...the small battles are equally enjoyable..and Sachin has won countless of those.... ultimately its ALL for wont help countless children in india who go to bed without stop being pretentious...I personally detest people who link Sports with patriotism...its against the spirit of any sports...its meant to bring people together....its amazing how people love Sachin..when I go abroad I get a little more love sometimes (in England or Australia)..simply bcos they love Sachin...and they dont love him bcos he makes india win or loose...they love him bcos he is a delight to watch....he is a genius...somethings that he does with the bat are out of the world...they are awestruck....they feel like playing the sport bcos of that...THAT is his contribution...

At 8:25 PM, Blogger Simply Santosh said...

The author seems to be very intelligent. He has taken all the positive points of Dravid and compared to Tendulkar. Can he answer the following question ?

# Don Bradman once said that there is only one cricketer who he enjoys watching match and there are lots of similarity between him and Tendulkar.

# Why Cricketers across the world compare Sachin and Lara as the best cricketer of this era ? Why Dravid name is never mentioned ?

# Why Dravid is not even a regular player of the one-day. He has been removed from the team. Yes he is not been rested. He is shown the door more than 3 times because of his poor play...

If you want to compare two players , compare test/one-day/batting/ bowling everything.

I am not Dravid anti-fan, he is the best test batsman of India, little ahead of Tendulkar, but overall tendulkar is among one of the best player of his era where dravid is no where around.

At 2:04 AM, Anonymous kudhins said...

ho is Great person to say that Sachin & Sunil are selfish guys?
He is saying that bcaz he is a great fan of 'THE WALL'.If sachin & Sunil are selfish,why shold they play for the country's cause?Innstead of that they could have just thrown away their wickets and watch the match sitting in the dressing room.The writer says that Dravid is targeted by MCgrath , Warne & Kaneria.But if you ask all the three, they will say that Sachin is the best.And Kareia once said that the only thing that denied him was the price wicket of SACHIN TENDULKAR,and both MCgrath and Warne said that India's fortunes will depend upon the way the little champion responds to the occasion(in Aus),which means that Sachin is indeed greater the so-called great Rahul Dravid.

At 9:21 PM, Blogger John said...

superb collection of facts!!!!!!!! hats off to u da!!!!!!!!! dravid is surely better than the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At 3:23 PM, Anonymous Cricket Lover said...

All the stats of sachin were wrng check the right stats at so lads decide who is saying the truth...

At 4:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sachin is epic! Sachin is complete batsman! Dravid is also good batsman. But, there are many like Dravid in the world. Sachin is natural talent and innovatives. Coach and bowlers always have special planning for Sachin and try to find out the weekness of Sachin. While opposite team concentrate more on Sachin, players like Dravid takes opportunity. Had they planned so much for Dravid, he would have been nowhere.
For most great bowlers Sachin is the best! Why? Please don't try mislead people with average. Sachin could have easily made his average more lucrative. With Sachin's type of classy and entertaining exhibition, is it possible for Dravid to make such an average?

At 2:35 PM, Blogger prakarsh said...

guys just leave to talk with fans of sachin they are simply bias because even they know who is better but they cant accept the fact that when it comes about india,sachin has always quit coz of his selfishness n love for the records.The latest example is IPL where his team desperatly needs him.

Agree that Sir Don bradman has said sachin is like him but is he god?who is he? a cricketer of past century?Again ans to the commment of one friend who is talking about strike rate-What is the criteria for good batsman decide first because if strike rate is the only criteria than sachin is far behind than gilly,afridi n many others.

Last argument that it's a foolish comment by some one who is talking about the batting position because batsman's duty is to play irrespective of the no,if he(sachin) is not affraiding than he has to come down in order for providing strength.

Why dravid's strik rate is poor?
Ans-Because evry time openers such as GREAT SACHIN throws his wicket n dravid has to manag all the inning because one day match is for 50 overs not for 15 over only.

Someone is talking about lara,sachin,kambli my ans is for him that people(only few media)talks about this two batsman for class n not talks about dravid--ONLY BECAUSE HE IS THE UNIQUE PLAYER NOT ONLY INDIA BUT THE WORLD HAVE EVER HAD thats why even people(again media)cant able to find his competitor to talk about.

At 6:00 AM, Anonymous Anshul said...

Well Anurag's comments pretty much sums it all up. But I would also like to take a go.

First of all the stats you have produced don't mean a shit or I should say they contradict your own belief. How? Here's the explanation ...
First of all you say that cricket is a team game and then you produce stats showing that "Dravid scores more run when India wins" which to any logically sound person would not mean that "Dravid is the one who led to that win" It was the team. But if you choose to be blind then you should either compromise your belief that "cricket is a team game" or "DRAVID is better than SACHIN!"
To put it more clearly for you: I would say when the situation was taxing Dravid chose to stumble down , But when the crop was ready to ripe he chose to take the biggest share :)
If this does not suffice you... please get the stats from your so-called "SOURCES" -> How many times India has lost without Dravid's contribution and how many times Sachin's has not performed and India has lost. It will tell you WHEN SACHIN DOESN'T PERFORM INDIA LOSES, BUT WHEN DRAVID DOESN'T PERFORM there is the man called GOD who performs and sadly India loses and to top the misery some people note down that data and produce it as stats! to prove that "oh the god played a fruitless innings!"

And if you need statistics count the number of fans, fan following outside India etc.

I do not have any grudges against Dravid, I respect his talent and sure he has been a terrific gift to Indian cricket. But I feel for the ones who know/see the truth but choose to be blind and to add to that try dusting others eyes too.

I expect a reply from the New Dravid-turned-Sachin-fan anytime soon.
On ya I am talking about the "post guy"

At 6:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Mr Sridhar! You indeed are a stat producing machine ...when people questioned the stats you said you are only talking about test matches! Why so?
Then I would say I have the highest strike rate I can produce stats and if someone questioned? Answer would be simple I am talking about my inter-school matches! :)

And to disappoint all the purists here I believe Test is the most lazy form of this game! Players have no pressure at all, you afford to miss catches, bowl extras and leave as many deliveries as possible... no one will give a tiny rats S, but when 20-20 or even one-dayers are the most demanding ones! they require full concentration, best fitness, great skill and nerves of steel to perform!
So even if DRAVID is better in Tests (though he is not!) I would not concede to the fact that he is better than the little maestro!

At 12:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent observation.. I guess most cricketing brain will agree.

At 7:42 PM, Blogger eau_de said...

mr asshole whee is rahul dravid today,,,,,,,,,,,,,out of them one day team and in the test team just for this seies i promise has he buckled down under pressure or has age got to him..well he is a year younger than now u know u cant even put david in tendulkars league..b coz the man u r talking about has been carrying the burden of indian cricket for the past 16 yrs without buckling down once understand assholes like u write such topics just for attention at the expense of great people coz the matter of fact is that who will look into your topic if you criticize dravid ..even u know that loser.......building partnerships is cricket what the fuck do u know about cricket listening to greigs commentary and nothing else.......fucker out of sachins 37 centuries india has won 28 times now whats dat for a stat asshole and do u remember the 2003 world cup where did dravid vanish then tendulkar vs dravid where did that even come from........their is no comparison between immortals and mere the 90s their was no one to build partnerships with u filthy piece of shit..and still dat man was there battling it out like a lone warrior whose army betrays him the fact is that people like u dont deserve a hero like tendulkar......u will only realise his value the day he is gone ....

At 5:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

all i can say is that you will not see a sachin fan starting the thread sachin vs dravid ...
and also why every batsmas fan compares his idol to sachin ??? why not lara vs dravid or lara vs ponting. i guess in heart everyone knows whose the best and who r mere mortals :P

btw people call dravid consistant but not performing in mathes where india lost is a bit contradictory
These stats doesnt count for the pressure GOD is in .. dravid never had to face even half of that pressure (in fact no one in the world and this fact is recognize by all players read warney and gillys comment)

Your only fault in this article is that u r comparing a mere man to GOD.

At 9:20 PM, Blogger prakarsh said...

once again dravid has proven his capabilites by his tone and sachin has faild to do so.I am not denying with the fact that sachin was great batsman but that should not be the base for his place in the squad.Performance should be the mere criteria for the place.If dada,laxman shoud force to retire i think this needs to be done with sachin also because we cant wait for the zimbabwe or bangladesh or any other minnows tour to india when sachin will slams 50 and thus makign his fan glad.Dravid is constantly proving his self but the fact is that he cant able to prtray hisself correctly infront of nation thats why he is suffering.Take an example of yesterday he was victim of dubious umpiring but he was remain silent so as his fans but if it was in the case of sachin than he as well as fans were started talking about it.So its a comarison between a manipulator n true sportsman not between god n human.By the way we all are indian and we knows our weakness that we are not teach to think beyond limits.If we openly support something which is agains the storm than critisism is bound to happen thats the case with sachin n dravid.almost 70% of sachins fans are admiring him not because they want to admire him but they feels that this the only way they can be with the storm as they are not brave enough to give the loyal opinion about their GOD.
Lets see the statestics for the current series n we will have the fact>this time please for the god sack dont creat an issue of past records as it dosent metter for the performer like sachin and dravid.Its a battel and the fittest will be survive. Thanks

At 4:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Guys ! It seems that the topic becomes more personal. Accidentally I came into this page and I am very sad to find an unhealthy environment in the future Indian citizens. Here I want to share my thoughts with you. Why some people are using a filthy language? It is very sad ? I want to ask such kind of people "can u debate like this with your family members? can you use filthy words against your brothers and sisters ?". Becoz of such kind of personality-less persons, people from other countries are treating people of BHARAT so cheaply. These days Games and sports become the ultimate commercial places. Wake up fellows ... So many business companies are encouraging Games/sport in India due to only one reason that the population in India is large enough to market their products and become billionaires. We became slaves to their games and making them earn more out of over foolishness. Do you under stand the real game behind these games? They think the Indians are too much emotional and their emotion can blame themselves. And you are proving that concept every time and in every place (like in this topic). How funny it is? Who are Suchin and Dravid ? Are they people from other country? Then, why are you blaming them ?!! You understand ?…You are blaming your fellow Indians.

Mr. Author ! Don't expect rationality from Indians (very few are exceptional). I can understand your pain. But you have opted a wrong way (STATS) to express your pain that "People are not giving a proper recognition to a Right person who deserves more than what he is getting from us". It is true. Only the reason is, Love is blind (especially for Indians) and does not expect reason for that aggressiveness. Once you concentrate on one great person, you can’t make them to see greatness in another person. This kind of nature is called Partiality, a psychological blindness that is very common in Indians. Becoz, Indians can not believe in greatness in more people except GODs and Politicians. Do not beg the recognition for a good personality. You are giving chance to irrational minds to blame very soft person, Dravid. We can not expect any person from these fellows who are really recognizing the greatness of their parents and surrounding persons.

Expecting morality in business and related activities like Games and Sports is some thing like expecting virginity in a prostitute. BCCI is a top business organization who can make Sachin is the only great person in the minds of more (mad) people for purely business purpose. Sachin will be continued in the team as long as Suchin maintains his business value (fan groups) and will be thrown away in the moment he lost the hype. Mean while, Suchin will bag more records and money. Until that time he will continue his Greatness by preventing another Great player to come into the business (team). Let us continue our support to Sachin or any other Great player to continue in the team by playing politics and not by showing consistency in playing the games. In BCCI words, the main qualification for a cricket player is to play politics than the game. If you are a good political player in BCCI game having God fathers like Gavaskar, Dalmiya …, you can slap another player, damage a player psychologically until they leave respectfully (means forcefully). This is not game for cricket lovers, it is purely BCCI game. You will be appreciated, if you blame BCCI but not the players. Just forget about the weaknesses (goodness and calmness) and strengths (politics) of the players and enjoy the time-pass. But don’t try to felicitate the people for satisfying your instincts.

I want to say one thing to all of you, “Don’t try to compare the Greatness with Greatness”. The goal of any debate is to improve the rationality and logic mind in us but should not bring dirtiness into our minds. I am very happy in one aspect, that is all are recognizing the greatness of both Dravid and Sachin but not able to control their basic instincts to see them equally. Humans have good and bad. Take only good things from the persons whom we observing and meeting.

Finally! I want to say one thing that you please think about your career and make that you are representing your family by exhibiting good nature. In any language you can find good words to scold people and to express aggressive feelings. Only a weak minded fellow uses filthy language and expresses irrational thoughts. I hope the persons who have a habit of using filthy language will use alternative respectable critic language with rationality.

Have a cool life.

At 7:43 AM, Anonymous Akanksha said...

Dude i cudnt hv agreed more.... i hv always been a dravid fan n anti-sachin bt these stats wer an eye opener.... Hats Off to all dat effort!!

At 10:34 PM, Anonymous Mastan Reddy said...

I like Dravid very much for his cool and extraordinary technique, softness, patience when required...

Once Warne has said Dravid is not the WALL he is FORT... even 1000 pirangs can't break this FORT... if he sticks to the wicket...

Please Don't compare two greats like this

Luckily sachin had media hype

so, warne,kaneria,mcgrath or any new fresj player also will say that they feel very hard to combat sachin... Immediatly our dummy hype media will print that news in the first page...

If they have to accept personally they will take other players like dravid and ponting into consideration...

I m not saying Sachin is not good.. He looks big just bcoz of media.. when it comes to game

Dravid.... sachin...lara...ponting... and many others r equal...

After all Good luck India!

Jayaho India!

At 7:12 AM, Blogger navi said...

dravid is a true performer
helped india in critical situations
by accepting lot of pressure
rahul"the wall" is great

At 12:31 PM, Blogger பிரகாஷ் துரைசாமி said...

sachin is real entertainer but Rahul dravid is real cricketer.

At 11:02 AM, Blogger Master said...

After how many years he scored a hundred, the stats u have given i can give 10 different stats which tells dravid is nothing. Why you people always forgot ODI's dravid and sachin played ODIs also. One is the undisputed king and other the dog.

At 6:55 AM, Anonymous Visa said...

Hi all

Simple Sachin fans never compare Sachin with anyone as they are satisfied.While Dravid's fans fumes and always compare him with Sachin and try to find something or other to prove that he is better than sachin.Ok Dravid fans have some solace that way.

At 11:13 AM, Anonymous BJ4U said...

dravid is a cricketer and sachin is god.
he is 6+4= ten dulkar.
its the aura of sacin which attracts every one.
Dravid is the rescuer and sachin the tormentor.

I hope this sums up all

At 2:12 PM, Blogger Dipayan Banerjee said...

Dravid is beast and no one can deny it. GO DRAVID!

At 7:07 PM, Anonymous Revanth said...

dravid is nowhere near sachin.and in the the stats i can prove that all the given dravids stats were wrong.some people r blindly saying that dravid is great.on what basis r they saying that.
lets have a look at the total averages of them in odi & test matches
dravid has an average of 53.9 in test matches and 39.8 in one days for his mere 13 years experience.
where as sachins average in tests is 54.8 and in one days it is 44.7. sachin has maintained this average for 20 years.dravid played 7 years less than what tendulkar played and has got the average less than tendulkar.this shows the greatness of sachin.Just dont even try to compare a simple cricketer to god of indian cricket and king of world cricket

At 11:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey all dravid fans thrs no point in comparing the two ....sachin is way ahead far as 1 days are concerned sachin is test also present stats show tht sachin has a better avg thn dravid def sachin is better is a team game u cant compare both with statistical data showing tht india has won max when dravid has scored ......even bowlers play a major role in winning or losing stop tht stupidity....bias need to be removed in any satistical far as selfishness is concerned sachin is def nt ... remem the incidence at sharja when sachin walked even when the umpire didnt gave him out . thts sign of a true person.....sachin is great nd dravid cant even be near him ....

At 8:30 PM, Blogger BILLAKURTHI said...

But U did not conclude these results
He strarted his career with likes KAPIL,dilip, Manjrekar who adopted to slow Batting unlike others of PONTING,DRAVID AND GANGULY
But from that Factor on the same day Ganguly's 100 with attack impressed me than Dravid
factor 5:
Unlike Ganguly and Sachin , he allows the bowlers to assault him verbally exactly oppsite to both who allow bowlers to distract them so Sachin and GANGULY ARE GREART WHO RESERVE THE RIGHT TO DEFEND when assaulted by McGrath who ways think ahead of present Aussies

At 10:11 AM, Anonymous FactsVsFiction said...

mr. Author

Considering that u had written this sometime in 2005(it feb 2010 now), Dravid should have been doing well now and sachin must have been retired with a severely diminished reputation. Let me tell u that none of that has happened.
Sachin is still in the team(both formats). Dravid is there too, but only in tests. And as far as the latest updates go, Sachin has scored 4 centuries in the last four tests. That should be some statistic for u.

Frankly speaking, i have nothing against Dravid. In fact i believe that he is one of the best batsmen ever. But then to compare him with sachin is stupid.

since u r so fond of stats and averages, let me further update u.
Sachin has crossed 13447 runs at 55.56 while dravid(who is no doubt an indian mainstay) has 11395 at 53.75. Forget the runs scored(Sachin has more matches so obviously more runs). But inspite of playing for more than 20 years he still maintains an average higher than dravid. Now thats something to look at!

You poked fun at Sachin fans. But let me tell u that 'dravid fans' like u and some who have posted their comments can only have the guts to do so when Sachin faces a slump. The moment he gets back into his groove these 'fans' vanish into thin air. And i am not just talking about this blog here. Its about the infy bulletin board too.

Some people have also called Sachin 'selfish'! Sachin never scored 50 off 104 balls while chasing a big target. Dravid did that against South africa. in a recent tri series against sl and nz dravid scored 73 off 105 balls while chasing a 300 plus target. This put pressure on the other batsmen who got out trying to accelerate. Sachin did get out for 20 odd. but then he scored a century in the finals and india won. He was also the 'player of the tournament'.
Sachin's 175 against australia while chasing 350 was an epic. But it didnt result in a victory coz the rest of the team(extras included) scored only 172 as india lost by 3 runs.

You excluded one dayers simply coz you wouldn't have been able to 'prove' your point otherwise. However how many times has dravid helped india chase down 380 in the fourth innings? sachin has. how many runs did dravid score when india were in dire straits against pakistan in chennai(1999). sachin scored 136, enduring his back pain which had cropped up in that match, while the others fell like ninepins.

Cricket is a team game. How much responsibility can a single man shoulder while the others fail?

You had mentioned Sachin's many centuries when india lost. India lost not because sachin scored, but because players like your dravid didnt.

Dravid is a good batsman coz he can play according to the situation. Sachin is a great batsman coz the situation depends on how he plays. Batsmen like dravid and ponting can have phases of greatness. But in Sachin's case its 20 years of undiminished aura. Now that can never be equalled - EVER.

At 12:31 PM, Anonymous I love Sachin said...

Dear Author,
I'm not an anti-Dravid guy.
I agree that he is one of the finest players whom cricket have ever had. I read through this older post of yours and I'm, really, really, convinced that you speak with "Statistics" in hand. You have written this blog sometime in 2005 and now its February 2010, I think you may need to refresh the stats in your mind before you speak for Dravid against Sachin to anyone again and this url might help you for the same: ""
and understand who is the best - Sachin or Dravid.

Hope you will realise your stand.

At 5:50 AM, Anonymous BigFan said...

By the way, there are more recent updates! After the four consecutive hundreds, Sachin has gone on to score the first double century in one dayers, against South Africa!!! Now thats some statistic for you.

Even in his 21st year in international cricket, there is no stopping Sachin. Dravid doesn't even find a place in the one day side.

Critics like you and Ian Chappell (who, not long ago, had emphatically said that Sachin should retire) should now start thinking about hanging yourselves in shame.

At 6:39 AM, Anonymous ThisBlogIsAJoke said...

Have we ever seen a blog or article that tries to prove that Sachin is better than Dravid, or for that matter, anyone else? I don't think so!

The fact is that Sachin fans don't need to do so. Where as people like the 'author' of this blog feel the need to. Sachin is the yardstick by which true greatness will always be measured.

Dravid fans will crib and cry, but you can't possibly change the facts.

As commented by 'FactVsFiction', Sachin critics can only blabber when Sachin faces a slump. He has been in Godly form for the past 2-3 years. No wonder then that the author has disappeared and there are hardly any recent comments against Sachin!!!

At 9:15 AM, Blogger deepak said...

Both of them are gr8 cricketers. Cricket is a team game and each players have their roles to play. So no matter how they score and how they play. They are god's gift to indian cricket and to world cricket too.

And which fool said that t20 and odi's are more dificult to play(he is no 1 fool in the world)

u fool, playing 450 overs and 5 continuous days is much more difficult than playing 40 overs and 4 hours

Anyway they are true world class performers and they respect each other.

good bye fools, keep fighting for nothing.

At 2:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Adding to this, the integrity of the players in the field.
Sachin was caught by MS in the chennai vs mumbai match, (the sound was clear enough to raise the finger) & after the appeal (when the umpire didn't raise his finger) sachin ( donno what to call him) stayed in the crease knowing that he should be walking out.

At 7:21 AM, Blogger Rahul Kumar said...

For those who talk of average: Dravid'a avg was way ahead of Sachin's four years back. His performance dipped after he was dropped from the ODIs..

For those who praise sachin for playing two decade:
Dravid did not have any mentor like Sachin. Sunny, Kapil, Pawar and others..list is endless. Dont forget what happened to Greg Chapel and Jagmohan Dalmiya, who tried to project Rahul and Sourav respectively.

For those who think Dravid's fans are desperate to project him as the best batsman ever:
I agree with u all. But here it must be noted that we do so only because Dravid is not a nice PR person like Sachin, whose every move becomes headline of the next-day newspaper. U all should see the houses of sachin and dravid in mumbai and bangalore respectively. Rest u'l realise urself.

Regarding the blog, i must say that the writer has tried to vent his anger(of watching a great player's achievements getting eclipsed under glitz of tendulkar) through stats, just like dravid does thru his cover drives...

At 3:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

funny guy..

as they say in bollywood.. picture abhi baaki hai dost..

check out the careers stats now, buddy... after the latest australia-india match in oct 2010

At 2:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

HaHaHa, 5 years later today. The tables have changed. Those stats have changed as well. Dravid now averages much less than Tendulkar in Test victories.

At 10:20 PM, Blogger Thumilan said...

Thank u for the stats bro.sachin is the best batsman in the world but dravid is the best technical batsman in the world.people who dnt understand the game of cricket they cnt understand dravids batting.Long live sachin and dravid,the true masters of world cricket.

At 10:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Latest Headlines : Sachin scores 50th test hundred, 7th this year. Dravid not in World Cup probables!

At 6:37 AM, Anonymous VIGNESH said...

firstly,am not biased towards anybody..but when the stats go mis-interpreted,i'd like to step in
The stats you hav stated might be right but when you state that India has lost more matches when Sachin has hit a century,it's so naive and absurd.
when India has lost a match even though Sachin has hit a century,where does the fault lie?
Definitely not on sachin...He simply has rosen to the occassion when the others have failed to do..

At 4:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cough .... cough ..... what does the author now have to say after the lastest Test series against South Africa?

At 1:48 AM, Anonymous nawfal said...

the author is dead right after some sensible posts started pouring in. such a sore loser with insensible stats at disposal.wondering how true they were..kudos bro.u make indians proud.

At 11:04 PM, Anonymous Vinayak s said...

Only a frustrated fan can pen such rubbish.

Sachin is the world's greatest batsman while Dravid is the world's most boring cricketer.

Dravid fans - Never knew you were so desperate. Ever wonder why sachin fans dont bother about comparing his stats with that of Dravid? Its because the whole cricketing world knows that sachin is the all time great.

No cricketing expert has ever put Dravid in the league of Sachin. Sachin has been compared to Lara, Ponting etc, never to lackluster, selfish and boring players like the wall.

Under Rahul's captaincy, we lost the world cup in the first round (2007)itself while sachin was adjudged the player of the tournament for guiding India to the finals in 2003.

At 1:03 AM, Anonymous Ashrith said...

I feel Vinayak S is harsh on Rahul Dravid.It seems he is frustrated by looking at the facts provided in this article.

Blaming Rahul for world cup debacle in 2007 is unfair. Cricket is team game. Everyone in the team are equally responsible for 2007 world cup debacle.

Indians should stop worshiping cricketers like GOD. Always country and the game should come before any player.

Dravid is one of the best player. Even experts put Dravid into the list of elite players. Only vinayak cant accept this fact

At 2:39 AM, Blogger prakarsh said...

Boss What happened to same sachin in 2007?even he was in team!!Infact he has played 6 world cup waht happened every time? Even we(Fans of Dravid) do not want to compare both just because we dnt want to discuss with sheeps who dont have their own brain ,they just walk in the direction of the sheep ahead of him & One more question I want to ask that gentleman who is talking about expert,Who the expert are??See their career record & See SACHIN or DRAVID's record so dnt let the result purely on so called experts.

At 4:41 PM, Blogger Awanish Mishra said...

Hey Guys ! I am a fan of Dravid too..and have respect Tendulkar also but i have observed many people call Dravid boring,slow etc.what so ever Dravid was always considered as best technical batsman ever ahead of Bradman, Tendulkar, Lara etc which everybody knows. We can't compare them anyways.Both of them are unique with their unique qualities which neither of them share with each other.Everyone has some good time some bad time in life so does with these cricketers so blaming them for failures is not good. No doubt Tendulkar has more natural talent than Dravid but in some other Dravid and Ganguly do had their edge over Tendulkar

At 9:29 PM, Blogger gradstudent said...

Look at the rate of getting man of the match for both players in tests and ODI and their performance in tournament finals you will find that Sachin and Dravid are compareable in test but in ODI's and in finals Tendulkar is way way ahead

At 9:19 PM, Blogger gradstudent said...

Some people wh omight have never faced the cricket ball even say that openers are in the best place to get most runs.........Facing new ball music from opposition's best bowler is much tougher job than old ball......Look at PAK they have managed to produce numerous middle order batters but none opener...........Drivid too has got a few chances to open but has very poor record as opener. none of the youngster want to open.............But when Remember Tendulkar and Sehwag were a lower middle order batters initially but the moment they got a chance to open they grabbed it with both hand bcz the had the skill to face new ball too.

At 10:27 AM, Blogger Legend|Hrishikesh said...

i love u shridhar raman! i have been tryin 2 explain dravid's greatness like mad.. :(
but thre are 100 sachin fans against 1 dravid fan..
still i fight till end :)

DRAVID IS THE GREATES CRICKETER best idol! Living Legend . . .

At 8:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dravid has finest defence technique in the world, no doubt but at the same time waiting for him to hit a 4 is rather a long wait :)

At 12:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rahul Dravid (The Wall) was the most boring batsman in the history of cricket. He was most boring for bowlers as well as audience.

At 6:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haha....I smell the J of the writer.... nothing more than that... Buddy... u dont compare urself to ur dad do u???? this is clear from the comparison u made...only during his time... haha...filthy cheap... and y are u so desperate to prove... all know what the truth is....

At 3:18 PM, Anonymous Sachin_Dravid_Laxman_in_that_order said...

Some more stats:

At 12:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh! What the fuck is this.
Both of them would be so saddened to know this that people compare them this way. Both of them are great and there is no doubt about it. And the fact that there cannot be a measurement of one's greatness as the sport is beyond runs and wins. In fact no one is bigger than the game and you should feel sorry for comparing the two.

At 10:58 AM, Blogger Choc-a-blog said...

Maybe its too late for my comment, but what has been forgotten is the one dayers!....and the grit that is required for HUMAN BEING to face these kind of scrutinies! ;) ... Rahul is a very good player with good talent but Sachin is not just "masterpiece" or "brilliant"...but he is "awesome, gritty, treat to watch" and finally "GOD" ;)

At 10:49 AM, Blogger Amarjit Mohanty said...

Comparisons can not be made between Vishnu and Shiva, the GODS! Likewise the two gentlemen Rahul (Dravid) and Sachin (Tendulkar) are gems of cricket and play their style of cricket, one orthodox (Rahul) and the other (Sachin) with natural strokes pressurising opposition. Rahul was never a threat to the opposition as far as the great bowlers have said, viz. Alan Donald, McGrath, Walsh, Ambrose, Akram, Waqar, Vaas, Warne, Shoaib Akhtar and other greats. These opponent bowlers have always bowled better against Sachin since Sachin plays aggressively to them, at times losing his wicket in the process, but Dravid plays quite orthodox and builds his innings. The bowlers themselves have been under tremendous pressure to bowl against the Great Sachin, both in Tests and One-Dayers. The great batsmen of his era and the previous eras have also been adoring Sachin as a complete player in all forms of the game. Nobody has bribed these gentlemen world wide to say Sachin as a Great batsman of any era. Sachin's sheer endeavour has selected him as one of the best 10 players in all forms of the game, nobody is pretending to give him vote, as he is an ENTERTAINER of the game. Even in the last IPL he scored in the best 5 most run getters and in the last World Cup he was second in the most run scored. This shows his tenacity in standing there on the pitch for last 22 years and still going on.... not due to the runs and centuries but due to the commitment to the game. Rahul has served the game of cricket in a great enduring style and has been one of the greatest to have played the game and he himself is of opinion that Sachin is a great motivator to him at this level and at this point of time. They both are great players and they do not compare between themselves whereas we the so-called analysts and great watchers lay a comparison which does not exist. Both of them serve Indian and World Cricket as the two LORDS of HEAVEN, Vishnu and Shiva. Don't ever compare my dear countrymen !!! Enjoy every moment of their achievements and playing years as long as they play.

At 7:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dravid was told by his coach to leave as many fast and swinging balls coming on the off side as possible in tests..but poor sachin didn't learn that..thats a very simple and basic separation between the so called GOD i.e. tendulkar and GOD OF GODS comparison between the two..
sachin may be a better ODI player b;coz he;s a sort of good hitter but the real batsman is one who plays better in tests..otherwise people would say pathan is better than tendulkar b'coz he plays well in 20-20..whatever format comes in cricket,test match wil remain the best ... DRAVID IS THE BEST...

mark my words...


At 10:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This article is an eye opner for all those who blindly belive in something ............Dravid have been eclipsed by an a false illusion of figures....

At 9:26 AM, Blogger Sasi said...

Let me state my evaluation

Sachin > Dravid in one-dayers, because of sheer talent.

Dravid > Sachin in tests, because of sheer determination.

And the reason that you give that, Dravid has won more matches for India , than Sachin, well, isn't it obvious that he would, because, Sachin is an OPENER , and DRAVID is 4th or 5th batsman, in one-days. Obviously you won't expect an opener to be in crunch situations. Let's see Dravid's record as opener. I'm sure that will be an eye-opener for you. It requires a whole set of different skills to play the new ball.

And to add to Sachin's greatness, he can bat in any position. He can be an opener. He can come down the order. Obviously no one can match his CLASS and shot variety, not even dravid. When even old cricketers say that Sachin is the greatest batsman they have seen, what problem do you have. Obviously they have more expertise than you or me.

At 10:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey dumb-ass Sridhar Raman....
If you want to compare, compare yourself with your someone else...
If Dravid or Sachin reads this, they would say you are crack-pot

At 3:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

u idtiot why do u come up with the fake averages of both players...

sachin avg in australia is 58 while dravid just 48

sachin avg in SA is 46 while dravid just 29 even less then 30 u dumbass

sachin avg against aus is aroound 60 while dravid just 41 and against SA just 33 while sachin avg against SA is 4 2 u dumbass come with real truth looser...

At 4:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

it is like saying edison was a better scientist than einstein.batsmanship aint stats but sachin is anyway the father of batsmen of his era .dravid is plain shit.he makes cricket boring.nobody likes to watch him.sachin used to give bowlers like warne nightmares dravid can only give nightmares to audience.

At 7:16 AM, Blogger Rahil Sharma said...

Sachin is Far better!
Sachin averages 56+ while Dravid averages 53+ in tests.
Also,Sachin has more centuries,more fifties,more one fifties and more fifties than Dravid and more runs than Dravid.
Now in ODIs also,Sachin is Far better in everything from Dravid,from Strike rate to runs.In ODIs,Sachin has more runs than Dravid,more fifties than Dravid,more Average than Dravid,more Strike rate than Dravid,more hundreds than Dravid and everything.........
Conclusion:::::SACHIN IS THE BEST!!
All those who are writing about Dravid are jealous from Sachin.

At 7:40 AM, Anonymous Sachin said...

Guys, remember what happened in abroad Test series.. Recent England series.. If Sachin was GOD, we should have won all matches.. He didn't stand from opener to 10th wicket. He never comes to open innings when team needs. He is concerned about his average and money.. If he plays bad coming at opening slot when no other player is there to open. Then what about his ad money..? Dravid, he has kept wickets, opened batting etc.. Always Dravid has played for team. And has been second fiddle.

At 2:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well said and it is a sad truth hat he was shadowed by Tendulkar and the media - but a hero is always a hero

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At 4:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

compare their stats between 20 june 1996 to 19 dec 2002,dravid could never dominate sachin during this phase.It was mainly during 03,04,05 and 06 he scored more than sachin ,in these four years dravid scored 3484 runs and sachin scored 1779 runs,but we all know about sachin's injuries during this period.Let's see one more interesting stat,By the end of 2002,sachin scored 8731 runs,he was by far the leading run scorer,lara was next to him with 7572 runs,dravid scored 5614 runs ,ponting scored 4246 runs and kallis scored 4455 runs...But at the end of 2006,sachin had 10510 runs,lara who was nearly 1200 runs behind sachin had 11953 runs, dravid had 9098 runs,ponting had 9323 runs and kallis had 8072 runs ...this proves how badly sachin suffered during this period.

At 3:20 AM, Blogger edwick said...


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At 5:00 AM, Anonymous Mould Removal Brisbane said...

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At 11:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is just for rebutting your claim " the first 75-100 matches Sachin used to be 5th or 6th order batsman - not the best thing for ones averages." He had a fixed spot, a spot chosen by God knows who. Can You tell me any specific position that RSD continued to play for over a series?

At 11:52 AM, Anonymous Ujan Mukhopadhyay said...

Being an ex-(ardent cricket fan), I totally agree with the post, but please do not ruin the day with statistics! He may not have won that many matches as Dravid has, but when it comes to winning hearts, the little master has done his part... We all worship dravid, we would slap the critics of ganguly out of the park as he himself did, but Sachin , without any doubt IS the face of Indian Cricket. And you know what, there was a time, before ganguly took the leadership, when the answer to a all-pacer bowling line-up of South Africa or Australia was "Hamare paas Sachin hai..."!

At 8:21 PM, Blogger Ralphomania said...

Answers to your questions:

#Bradman compared himself to Sachin. He said he enjoys Sachin's batting and that is his personal opinion. He hasn't compared Sachin and Dravid, neither has he said that one is better than the other.

# I would like to know what is your definition of Cricketers around the world? There are many who have praised Dravid. In fact Lara had said once that his favorite batsman is Dravid and next in line is Sachin.

# Please don't mix selection politics. There have been many worthless players who had been included in the squad. If you say Dravid is a poor One day player, please check your facts again. He was selected in the ODI squad for England right after India won the World Cup, 2011. Why is that? Because our great Cup winning batsmen on home ground were not so great while playing the short ball in England conditions.

At 10:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

all i can say is that you will not see a sachin fan starting the thread sachin vs dravid ...
and also why every batsmas fan compares his idol to sachin ??? why not lara vs dravid or lara vs ponting. i guess in heart everyone knows whose the best and who r mere mortals :P

btw people call dravid consistant but not performing in mathes where india lost is a bit contradictory
These stats doesnt count for the pressure GOD is in .. dravid never had to face even half of that pressure (in fact no one in the world and this fact is recognize by all players read warney and gillys comment)

Your only fault in this article is that u r comparing a mere man to GOD.

At 9:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey u idiot rahul dravid avg 41 against aus not 65 dravid avg against SA 29 and in SL 33 u just providing fake stats idiot there is no comparision of sachin with dravidall great legendry bowlers like mcgrath , warne lee akram waqar murli ambrose walsh polock donald etc have said its sachin who is the best batsman they have bowled to...its challenge to all those who say dravid is better then sachin , if u have guts then show me even half of good knocks compared to sachin played by rahul dravid in test against these legendry bowlers i have named mcgrath warne lee, waqar wasim walsh ambrose murli donald polock dale steyn jhonson just come with atleast of compared to sachin if have guts.


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