Monday, May 09, 2005

"Abhi dekho...choopistaanu"

A boring day. With no one at home, and all the guys at their workplaces there wasn’t much to do but idle around. I am reading The Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court by Mark Twain, and very impressed with the humour – makes one wonder what ever happened to such classic American humour. Interspersed with this reading were other activities such as getting all my documents ready for day after, getting my formal wear in order and a search in vain for my passport.

I just realized that the previous sentence makes me sound like a character out of a Robert Ludlum novel, the perennially disillusioned secret agent who either can’t or doesn’t want to remember the past, and is running away from something that is quick enough to scare him, but never fast enough to prevent him from cavorting with a bevy of babes. Back to my problem of the Missing Passport, all I managed to unearth out of my wardrobe was my Hero Honda passport. Any idea what is the procedure for obtaining a duplicate passport, legally?

The day was so boring that I would have never sat up to write this post. But a timely call from a friend who has been AWOL for quite some time helped me change my mood. The conversation with my fellow-god was mutually informative as it helped fill a lot of holes in our recent happenings.

I, of course, couldn’t bear the way he seemed to imply that our pasts were all tainted. I repeat, “When were we ever NOT career-oriented?”. After setting that right, the topic continued onto extravagant gifts, resulting in academic interests, “hotel-name” fixations of another friend of ours, and the “camcorder joke” philosophy.

Let me linger a moment longer on the “camcorder joke”. If it is used out of frustration, be prepared for either a “Oh! How nice of you?!” – which truly is a dampener of a response – or a “No way will that ever happen!!” – which might actually seem to indicate that your dreams are nearing fruition.

Crap! I am getting too cryptic. It could be the result of an alarming dip in my Hindu crossword performance today. Well, I still have the night to work on it and might still be able to salvage something.

Onto other news, the teams for the Super Series have been announced. A surprise inclusion from India is that of Irfan Pathan, who has had neither a spectacular overall career nor an outstanding season. Maybe once July comes, his name would be trimmed away from the final 15 or so.

Have been listening to the song “Vaadi Vaadi Vaadi” from Sachin for the last few hours and it rocks!! The gaana-paattu of the year has to be awarded to this song. The deep-meaning lyrics elevate the song to a higher level. :)))

Rap-u vandhaalum, Jazz-u vandhaalum
Kaaram koraiyaadhu indha paattu
Rock-u vandhaalum, Break-u vandhaalum
Shake aagadhu tamizh gaana paattu!

Kaelu kaelu idhu gaana paattu
Nee kaanaadha thathuvam sollum paattu.

See what I mean. I guess I am losing my mind...


At 9:22 PM, Blogger Akshai said...

"The world consists of a few good men and a whole lot of villains"

At 11:04 AM, Blogger Sundar said...

Bottlena kullukku da.. hehehe

Figure madakka Pizza Hut kekuda!!!

Gaana Paatu at its top


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