Saturday, March 12, 2005

Well, India couldnt win the Test today and I am pretty disappointed. But all talk about Pak having the psychological edge is rubbish! Throughout the 5 days of the match, there wasnt even a single minute when the Pakistan looked like they were going to win the game. Yes, all credit to Kamran Akmal for his superlative ton, and it definitely spoilt India's chances of an outright win, but we still outplayed them for a major part of the game.

Before the disappointment of the match came the one on the movie we had seen last night. The guys came directly from their respective work locations, while me - the unemployed - got the truck to PVR. On Inder's recommendation, we decided to see Page 3. Thrity minutes into the movie, and we wanted to leave the theatre and leave right then! What kept us was a spate of Akshai's jokes and...hmm...nope no silver lining in the movie. It was just his jokes!

The second half was slightly better in terms of the theme, but the treatment stayed at its abyssmal self. Overall a bad watch. Atleast for us. But this was a movie which had recommendations from a lot of people. I guess its just a case of "one man's meat...".

I am leaving for my Shabari Malai trip early in the morning tomorrow.
Until then, no blupdates. Cya.


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