Wednesday, November 17, 2004


Its been almost a month since my last update.
Its not that nothing exciting has happened during this time, it is just a case of laziness actively kicking in or my dormant activeness not kicking in.
Anyway, I am back and with some good news.

For starters, the "kiddo" Ameya is back in town after 14 months of Sweden. Being the most serious & studious member of our Gang, I am sure he has passed his course with flying colours.

My sister & BIL had come over to Bangalore to celebrate their Thalai Deepavali. It was great fun (despite having classes on all 3 days!). Ate a lot, slept a lot, talked a lot, ... The North Karnataka meals in Kamath was the supreme icing on the cake. It brought back sweet memories of the lunch at Infy. Hmm...

Oh yes, I got a PPO (Pre-Placement Offer) from Wipro. Apparently they were pleased with my work during the summer internship. The offer letter hasnt arrived I shall make my final decision once that happens.

Another guy who came back was Avinash, after a 10 month onsite assignment in the US. He brought back my iPod, Stephen King's Dark Tower and the Detroit Pistons Championship DVD. As Kaushik put it - "Its Christmas time for you!".

I hope to blupdate more often as my term ends, and a quite little vacation awaits me.


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