Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Congrats Ameya!

Ameya, one of the kiddos of our gang, has got into Intel. And having chatted with him the past few weeks, I am sure that he must be relieved as hell. Though I hasten to add that his relief would be short-lived as, on his return to India, he would have to definitely give us the elusive Leela treat.

A few words on Ameya: Kid by age, aged in his actions, VLSI as passion, dog-killing as hobby. I shall not divulge anymore lest his killing extends not just to dogs! Congrats Ameya once again.

And what is even more great is the fact that his posting is in Bangalore!! Maybe our gang isnt really dispersing as I had feared in one of my early blog posts. Waiting in anticipation when we can rush to Net4U to game once again.
And also have Inder swear at you for not covering the flag properly enough. :)


Ameya's news was the toast of this weekend, which also saw the other kiddo Akshai giving his delayed birthday treat at Sufi.
Nice place, good food. Much better than the previous time we had gone there.

I am afflicted with an ear infection. The ENT doctor shoved a small cone into my ear, peered in for 30 seconds, gave his prognosis, scribbled the prescription. And then..
Doc: "That should cure you Sridhar. The fees is 125 bucks!"
(Yikes!!! I thought I had misheard 25 as 125..and you cant blame me given my current condition.)
Me: "Daaktaar, 25a? I shall pay the receptionist."
Doc:"Illa illa 125. Nooru ippathaidhu."
Me:"...........Seri daaktaar"

Paid the uncute, frowning receptionist 125 bucks and then bought the medicines. That cost another 168 bucks!
And I swear that my ear has begun to pain even more. It's almost like its status among the other organs has been slightly elevated. I can imagine it going..
Ear:"Hahaha! Did you see that guys? This human had to pay so much to set me right..125+168. That is....hmm..whatever!"
Eye:"Hmmmphh..this is utter crap. This moron watches so many things on that coloured box. All because of me. And when I try to impress upon him my importance by paining him a bit..he just SLEEPS!! $%#%#$%"
Rest of the organs:"Sad situation indeed. So much for just a teeny ear. And anyway he has 2! btw much actually is 125+168?"

The irony of this entire situation is that the medicines have done no good. A R Rahman's Swades which cost me 50 bucks is more soothing and mitigating. Maybe that is where I missed the trick. I should have just rested for 5 days and listened to the best of the God's songs. That would have cured my ear...and cost much lesser!



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