Thursday, November 25, 2004

Long days, pleasant nights...

I begin this post with the traditional Mid-World greeting from the world of Roland Deschain, son of Steven of Gilead, last of the line of the Eld. I havent got over the Dark Tower mood yet. It is the last in the series, and I am reading this the slowest way possible! Getting each word, intonation, nuance, plot, sub-plot implanted into my brain..before I begin the next sentence. Added to this is my hand movements that enact each scene.

My mom thinks I've lost it. So does my dad. But I seem to be full of something..rather than losing. Weird.

Almost the entire Gang met up yesterday. I dont mean we almost met up, but almost all of us met up. :) I am sorry, but seeing the Master of Macabre weave his words can be pretty infectious.

We kicked off the evening at Styx. A place which is under a severe economic depression. Poor guys cant even afford a 40 Watt bulb. :( And they have just one menu circulated for the entire pub. I volunteered to zip to Classic Xerox and get a few photocopies, but the proprietor didnt let me. I guess it was pretty top-secret - Code Alpha-Z (not to be mistaken with the Adda)!!!

Cost-cutting is the underlying theme of this place. They showed concerts of some guy who had just a pair of shorts on and nothing else! I noticed that he had 2 guitars..couldnt he have sold one to buy himself a shirt?! Aja said that the group was ACDC. Like that explained everything!
(Oh yes! Aja, another long missing member of our Gang, managed to visit us poor mortals in India after a 2 year break. He was pretty amazed to find that Bangalore actually had burger places.)

After 2 hours of beer, cigarettes, vodka, etc the Gang finally decided to wind up from Styx. (BTW, I had wound up after my Peach Colada. :) Just hung around and stared at the fishes (literally!))

Sanity prevails- whew! - as I drive to Capitol listening to some music composed by the God - ARR. (Going to Capitol brought out a "Lets go meet Manmohan Singh" PJ by Akshai)

The dinner was a raucous affair. We called up Rajjo to speak to him in PSU. Actually tried to speak to him. He had this secretary (male) who asked so many questions before divulging the information that Rajjo was currently doing a maha-yagna. Thankfully, Rajjo called us back and the 8 of us spoke to him and also mooed to him.

Service at Capitol was very very slow. In a way it helped the others sober up ("And Richards up as well!", Akshai PJ) and then came the barrage of jokes.
Too many to be listed!

To make up for their slow service, Capitol gifted us a special get-together cake at the end. And that wrapped up the night.

Right now I need to study for 2 exams. Aargh..O Discordia! Roland and his ka-tet are a-calling.


At 5:51 PM, Anonymous Geoff Samson said...

Stephen King rocks doesnt he. You probably will never look back and see a comment made to such an old post but i figured I'd write anyway. Ive never gotten to meet him but my great aunt was friends with him when they were in high school. Anyway I'm thankee sai


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