Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Of Tennis & Damage Control

In between bouts of toothache, damage control and reading I caught the French Open live on TV. The women’s tournament couldn’t have unfurled out any better. My favourite player Justine Henin-Hardenne won the tournament in style. She began badly in her initial rounds against the weaker opponents and got into the zone against Sharapova and Pierce. The complete dismantling of her opponent was a sight to behold – that is if you are not a fan of the poor victim on the other side. That single-handed backhand of hers…wow!!

There are few things in tennis that are immortally tagged along with a player; like Becker’s diving around the net, Goran’s service, Chang’s fist pumping, Venus’ drive volley, Korda (and now Roddick) applauding a good shot by the opponent. But the one that I hold at the uppermost echelons is Henin’s backhand. Nothing has been invented yet in tennis to match this.

The men’s tournament was a disappointment as I was looking forward to seeing Federer stamp his authority as the best player ever, and brook no arguments. He may still turn out to be the best ever, but never unanimously, unless he wins on clay.

The men’s final was irritating to watch. When a guy drops his racket and begins pumping his fist, and you realise that the score is just 30-30 in the 1st set, 1st game, it annoys you. If I had been on the other side I would have jumped over and given him a tranquiliser shot. Nadal seems to be a good prospect atleast on the clay courts standing 5 feet away from the baseline. If he can do the necessary adjustments on grass, he could prove to be a tough competitor for Federer. But for me to appreciate his game he needs to drop his “Hewitt-act” soon.

On Sunday, in between snatches of the French Open, I watched the Tamil movie Kandukonden Kandukonden. After Rahman, the obvious star of the film is Mamooty. Right at the end when Aishwarya Rai tells him her love, his blustering, his anger (or fake-anger) and a sudden egoistic rejection of what he thinks is sympathy – brilliantly depicted and expressed. I guess the movie didn’t too well at the box-office as it was released almost at the same time as another classic – Mani Rathnam’s Alaipayuthe (which again had Rahman has the obvious star!).

This entire week will have to be spent on damage control. Our religious movement has taken a major hit. But now that the true God has attained complete autonomy we should see some drastic moves. Recruitment is a major part of this drive. The other actionables…hmm…will keep you updated as it happens.

Oh btw, do any of you believe that Raphael Nadal is 19 years old?!!!! He is on the lines of Afridi – always hovering around the 19 and 20 years age greoup. If Nadal is actually nineteen years old, then you might as well say Akshai is older than him.

But we know the truth…don’t we? :-)


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