Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Birthdays and geniuses

I used to be a fan of WWF wrestling from 8th standard till the end of 9th. And I enjoyed it despite knowing that it was all make-believe. I guess, growing up, I left this part of my life for good. But I am not suggesting that WWF was something that was tagged to kids alone. The subsequent seasons saw them “spicing” it up to attract the adults as well. Given my current vow of austere celibacy of thought as well, I shall refrain from posting further on this “spicing issue”.

But ever since then, the only question that used to rankle me was how stupid were the people who actually paid money to enter these arenas and watch the “fights” live?!

Well that question has been answered.
Albeit the answer isn’t one that I had expected.

A member of our gang, whose name I shall not mention, actually went to one of these WWE arenas on Monday! If further clues are needed on who Mr. X is – all I can reveal is this:

In the Mahabharatha, Karna was born with the kavacha and kundala. In our world, Mr. X was born with a beard on his face and a Gillette razor in his hand.

Oh btw, the people who do attend these fights may not be really stupid. Coz I know Mr. X isn’t one. He fits the genius category. I apologise for casting doubts on the sanity of the earlier audience of such fights.

Enough on WWE.

Last week saw Inder turning 26. More on the man in the spotlight:
A Bong bandhu whose knowledge of Bengali (or lack of it) is rivaled only by his “knowledge” of Kannada. Despite being short-tempered in his early years, he has mellowed down a lot since. Of course, he does pick up the odd fights with the auto drivers. (And trust me, these fights aren’t make-believe!) The fact that he is highly sentimental can be best exhibited by reading his blog. Very helpful and absolutely lousy as far as directions go.
That’s Indrashis for you.

Here’s wishing him a very happy birthday!


At 4:17 AM, Blogger Bloggard said...

Thankoo thankoo...30 plus, here i come.

And must my trysts with auto wallahs and my navigation skills be mentioned every time? You make me sound one dimensional. There's more to, there's only this side to me :(


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