Monday, February 28, 2005

Force-fitting titles for each blog post is getting to be a more tedious task with every post. So I’ve decided to do away with titles…unless I can think of an appropriate one.

Inder gave his birthday treat at Bombay Post, a restaurant in the vicinity of TGIF & IndiJoe’s – in terms of location. But thankfully not in terms of quality of food. Far far better. Of course, one needs to factor in my choice of non-onion, non-garlic dishes. It was still a highly satisfying lunch. And a very funny one as well. Ameya “Salman” Bhide was at the butt of all the jokes. The only people who did NOT rib him were The Devil & Pramod.

The Devil seemed to be in a world of his own, and I mean this literally. He held private conversations with the chef. He invited the waiters over for personalized instructions. Of course, he did laugh for all the jokes.

And Pramod is just too decent a guy to even pull another person’s leg. We guys have been a very bad influence on him. And the day when he sheds his “sorrys” and “thank yous” completely and joins the dark side isn’t too far off. (Just kidding! He will always be the nicest guy in our gang. It’s all about the law of averages.)

We shifted base from Bombay Post to coffee at Sadashivnagar Coffee Day. And this was a rank bad move. (For the others. Me? Well, I am not supposed to crib)
Akshai did try his best to lure us to a more “family crowd” place like Shanti Sagar. Unfortunately he didn’t have any one else supporting his noble cause (apart from me). But by the end of our coffees, I am sure most of the Gang were wishing the same.

Albert Pinto joined us for the second innings of the day at my place and then slept over at The Devil’s place.

The moment of the night had to be the time when Pinto said,” I heard this joke today morning…”.
We laughed. We laughed. And we laughed more. Our bellies ached. Our heads ached. This went on for five minutes.

Oh btw, Pinto never got past that sentence. We still do not know what the joke was.
And we do not want to know. It should enter the annals as the joke that evoked the most laughter without ever being spoken out loud.

The night was one long conversation on “where our lives are heading” (as Chakku puts it in his blog), where we would like to be, but where we most likely will be, etc. Interleaved with all this was the occasional pipipi piiiiii(to be hummed in Swades tune).

So that’s the end of another weekend. For the others.
For me the weekend continues and will hopefully do so happily for another 2 months. Hmm…


At 6:55 AM, Blogger Sayesha said...

Wow, I wish I could do that...

I can only start writing after I type in the title of the post! No title, no post! Causes me a lot of 'Blogger's block'! :O


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