Saturday, January 22, 2005

Whats wrong with proselytizing?

Lets just say that I have always wanted to have a blog title that would have a few people scrambling for their dictionaries (or WordWeb). If anything, my preparation for the GRE led me to the discovery of this word. My GRE score is definitely not valid in most of the colleges now (its been 3 years!), but I still remember the meaning to this word. Does that show something?

I remember the time I was walking to school and there was this huge group of students coming from the other direction. I obviously assumed that our uniform was pretty common. Then one of them stopped me to tell me that MGR had died and as a result we had a holiday that day! A holiday!! That, my friends, was my first instance of unforeseen holidays. Since then there have been various incidents of such holidays, and not just because of untimely deaths as well. The latest one, which I missed, was yesterday.

Apparently most companies in Bangalore had to let their employees leave early due to violence by BJP protesters. The reason for the protest? Benny Hinn, the evangelist, was holding a talk in Bangalore. Three lakh people were in attendance, and this party, which has nothing but the best interests of the country in mind, was almost sure that the country Christian count would increase by 3 lakhs (give or take).

So what did they do to counter this move? Break buses, cars, buildings. Hmm…I guess these were considered as the 3 major enemies to the procreation of “proud” Hindus. I wonder what innate contraceptive power do windowpanes of buses, cars & buildings have. The family control unit of India is planning on changing its motto from “We Two, Ours One” to “We Two, but Windowpanes Aplenty”.

Now that we have congratulated the BJP and its wing entities on their brilliant strategy to counter mass-conversion, let us delve further into their “strong rationale” behind anti-conversion.

“You may be a poor worker living in the worst of civic amenities. You struggle to have one square meal per day. You are treated as scum by most people in society. We, as true Hindus, shall sit back and watch this. We may decide to help a few people. We may decide to help more people, and gain political mileage out of it. We may decide to help a lot more people, and amass enough wealth to last our future generations. But We do not let other people help you. No sir! That is a strict no-no. You may be able to get a decent livelihood and live a more peaceful life by converting to another religion. But NO! You cannot do that. You have no food, no shelter, no clothing, no livelihood, no life. But you got your Hinduism. Stick with it. We will eventually come over on our millennia rounds to offer some solace. Or not. Fine? But don’t you dare lose your true identity!”

It is at times like these that I am so proud on being a Hindu. Ah…if only I could capture this feeling and pass it on to all I know. Wont our country be a better place?


At 5:02 AM, Blogger Vivek Krishna said...

:-)) wonder if you meant it in a sarcastic way .. although no one can stop proselytization ,sometimes people take it too far and one needs to question it.
read this!

Ofcourse our brethen in VHP /RSS resort to more voilent methods !

At 12:21 AM, Blogger Akshai said...

"(its been 3 years!), but I still remember the meaning to this word. Does that show something?.." Yes... That you are a SHAMELESS MUGPOT !!!


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