Tuesday, January 04, 2005

2005 begins...

New Year’s and Birthdays have this nasty habit of reminding me how useless my life has been. As Kaushik pointed out during the get-together (the main subject of this post later on) at my place, “In another 6 months, we both will be 26 years! Dammit…26! Even 30 doesn’t scare me…but 26 truly does.” Such milestones only make me ponder on what I’ve earned out of my own capabilities. There’s nothing. Zilch. Zok. Nada. You get the point.

Well…there is one thing. My friends. And I had the fortune to spend my New Year’s Eve with all of them (well almost). Even if there are a few misgivings, I don’t think that I would have chosen otherwise. Even if there was an overall atmosphere of cribbing, I don’t think that they would have chosen otherwise. I may be wrong. But I am not. (Yikes! I have begun to sound like Rajneesh, who incidentally lent his voice to our party, with the statement-contrastatement.)

Anyway back to the party. One account of it is already available in the blog of Ameya aka The Asphalting Osmium, so I shall try to fill in the missing pieces. Since my parents weren’t in town, my home became the obvious venue. Kaushik came up with an idea of buying actual poker chips to supplement our game of Flash (for earlier exploits in this game kindly refer to the Sandur Blog). Drawing on this, Inder advised me to buy a Monopoly set. And I actually did! Obviously the shopkeeper thought I was purchasing a gift for some kid. I had to refuse his multiple offers of gift-wrapping it. It was pretty embarrassing. :)

The game of Flash ensued with the primary participants being The CEO, Lankan Coconut Seller, Ambani Brothers, Kokila Bhen, Asphalting Osmium, Building Blocks and The Red Husker. Also known as Dhimant, Akshai, Vivek & Pramod, Kaushik, Ameya, Inder and me. The Husker was the clear winner despite some late comeback attempts by the Ambanis who were helped by Kokila, who had shifted to full-time consultancy due to his inability to get his curreny right. LCS kept us in splits with his incessant jokes, while Osmium kept us knowledgeable with his incessant pearls of wisdom.

All this was interspersed with calls from Moo York and bouts of “partying”. CEO and Husker took up camera duties…and lets just say that we have some pretty damning footage that would dispel all the nice impressions the parents have about their sons.

Having tired of Flash, we shifted to Monopoly with few of the guests volunteering to be part of the Anti-Trust Observation Committee. A new pairing of Carlos & Miguel, the Colombian Dope-Lords was formed with the entrance of Rajesh. The Ambanis lived up to their reputation by landing up in jail every other turn. The winner was LCS. By this time, the observers were all asleep or watching Terminator 2.

I spent the next day alone cleaning up my house and setting everything right. Then I slept for another 10 hours. Thus ended 2004, and began 2005. It was indeed a lot of fun to talk about old times and speak about our status as losers.

Is 2005 going to be different from 2004? Hmm…I think not.
Do I want it to be different? No idea.
Do I wish for anything to happen? Hmm…as Stephen King says in one of his books, “Don’t wish too hard for something. You may regret it later when it actually happens!”

Happy New Year!


At 2:52 AM, Blogger DhiOnlyOne said...

Hey dude, Happy New Year once again.
I think it was a rocking party (even if there was no member of the opposite sex). In fact, I think if there were girls/ladies in our party, it wouldn't have been all that fun. Well, I am trying to sound cool and all that out here.
But all in all, a nice party (we should have stayed back to help you with the cleaning....)
Flash rocks. Monopoly rocks.
We all rock. :-)

At 5:24 AM, Blogger Sridhar Raman said...

I actually cleaned up the house in an hour or so. I spent more time in finding dust bins to clear the bottles...and there isnt a single bin in the entire area of Basaveshwaranagar!!! :)

And yes, it was fun! Especially the nomenclature of all the chips, which I cant reveal for obvious reasons. :P

At 8:36 PM, Blogger Akshai said...

Nice one Chilli !
A few additional facts regarding the game of monopoly -
Asphalting Osmium was the legal representative of the mafia duo "Carlos & Miguel". Osmium was sacked by the duo after he managed, with amazing consistency to land up turn after turn in Jail,Community Chest,Chance, Club and such useless places.
The CEO, who generates multi billion $$ business each day at work, abstained from participating in this "fake" game of business..;-)

At 1:52 AM, Blogger Vivek Krishna said...

Yes it was a really nice party ..

the fact about 26 is scary ..it sounds old but i dont feel so old myself !.and yet it sounds like a lot of time to have done something useful..!!

At 6:43 PM, Anonymous Ramanand said...


Have been following ur blog religiously. It's been fun. Keep rocking.


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