Friday, December 31, 2004

Roadtrip and Return of a friend

Its been a while since we last met. And I am running out of opening lines to begin all my not-on-time blogs. But I promise to be more regular here on…or atleast I shall try!

Lots have happened since the last installment of the Solitude series, which I must confess was given a reception that I didn’t even dream about. As Kamal says in the movie Nammavar, the essence of any sentence can never be fully realized until a full stop has been written. Similarly I felt the need to stop my Solitude series despite my promises of a third. Frankly, I didn’t want to end up like the Matrix – which extended to two installments too much!

Ok, where did I sign off the last time? I was getting ready to leave for a 3-day trip to Madras. It was an event-filled 3 days with expensive dinners at ITC Park Sheraton, Dahlia and a not so expensive lunch at Murugan Idli Shop. I would recommend this place to anyone who likes good South Indian tiffin…and 5 different kinds of chutney.

Oh btw, all these days were spent with Kaushik and I had a good chance to show him some of the charms of Madras – movies & the beach. He hadn’t been to these places during his one year stay there. Quite shameful eh?

The Eagle (as Kaushik likes to call himself) was leaving Madras for good and thus began our road-trip on his Honda City. He attempted to equal his record of 155 km/h, but fell short by 3 km/h. What a tragedy! I was the DJ dishing out all the gaana songs from my iPod. We started off with Naatu Sarakku (the song) and finished off with Site Adippom (again the song).

Well, college resumed once again and I became a true, pure-bred day scholar as a result of my 2 day week. Ahh…there is nothing like a 5-day weekend.

This coincided with the return of Ahalya, a close friend of mine from the US. She hasn’t made an appearance in my blog since my 3rd post. But she is back here for a month and we met up yesterday. She hasn’t changed one bit (apart from losing a bit of weight) and still continues to holler loudly on the phones. I wouldn’t be surprised if I turn up deaf by the end of her stay.

We caught up with old times, interim incidents and recent happenings during a 3 hour conversation at Coffee Day. Then went to Swades, a movie I had been wanting to see for quite some time (I shall be giving a detailed review of it in a later post). Given my poor knowledge of Hindi, Ahalya had the misfortune of being my interpreter…and she was lousy at that. I think I might know more Hindi than her. :) To be fair to her, I gave her a horrid time with my jokes and made her miss most of the dialogues. Oh yes, just before entering the hall she proclaimed very proudly “Why do they need to clean the theatre after very show? I surely wont dirty it…but anyway others will. So whats the point!”. And she was the prime offender by strewing popcorn all around her seat. I doubt she would ever be allowed to enter the premises of PVR.

Hmm…today is New Year’s Eve. The guys will be here soon.
There is nothing sweeter than friendship.

Happy New Year to one and all!


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