Monday, June 20, 2005

A lot of things are floating around my head screaming, “Write about me! No, no, write about me..”. And I can’t really choose one. Add to this a book-tag by Other, and I am confused.

So I took a call. All my specific blogs would be done through the week, while today I would just write about the last week & weekend. The tags, ……., etc would have to wait. If a few unrelated topics creep in, I cry your pardon. Concentration has never been my strength.

Last week saw the implementation of a new practice by our Gang – weekday night show. A typical Friday night show is fun, but where is the excitement in that! You reach PVR, and you realize that most of the IT crowd this side of Hosur Road – Ring Road has turned up there. The other half can be found at Innovative Multiplex. Getting tickets for movies that we really wish to catch is almost impossible. That’s where the Wed-Night show is good.

You stroll into the theatre almost 5 minutes before the show begins, and tickets are available. That is exactly how we saw Kung Fu Hustle, acronymed Ku Fu Hu by me. :) The movie begins in a very silly manner, but once the action begins, and the plot unfolds, you realize what the director is taking a dig at. Simply superb. Some memorable scenes are – the snakes scene, “lawyer/doctor” flashback, and the clincher – “Is he the One?!!”.

There is this character who flits across the screen often, always in a state of performing a daily ablution. I never found it funny, and the overall direction didn’t seem silly enough to make me consider this as an exception. My take on this is that the director was probably taking a dig at the “toilet humour” that is rampant in American cinema. He felt that no spoof is complete without some toiltet humour, or in some cases, a spoof is nothing but toilet humour.

The best part after all this was the fight against sleep next day at the workplaces. Mine was largely unsuccessful, and I didn’t complain. Looking to do the same this week – possibly Anniyan. But the Devil wants to catch Batman Begins as he has seen all the Hindi movies currently running in town.

Down 2-3. 2 away games. No one has ever come back from such a deficit in the Finals. Even the Rockets who lost game 5, and went on to beat the Knicks had the final 2 games at home.
So everything loaded against the Pistons. History completely against them. Backs to the wall.
Detroit has a tough week ahead. Go Pistons!

Over the course of the weekend, I spent quality time with all the guys. Saturday was spent in setting up an aquarium at Chakku’s place. I have never been one of those pet-loving kinds. But it was real fun to set the entire thing up along with the expert Inder, and the proponent of the idea – Devil. More on the aquarium in a later post.

Sunday was spent with the Devil at an NGO. More on that later.
And the night was a good time to meet the ever-busy, “I am somewhere” Malleswaram boys.

Overall, a nice week & weekend.

I need to sleep.


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