Sunday, July 17, 2005

Kiddo 2's 25!

What is the molecular structure of benzene-1, 4-dicarboxylic acid?
Is “aldehyde” a chemical compound or is it a dysfunctional literary character?
How do you differentiate between ellipses and Morse code?

Answers to all this and more can be found in most textbooks. If not, there is always Ameya.

Despite being the second youngest in our Gang, and hence nicked Kiddo 2, he possesses a brain, maturity far beyond his age. Eight years ago, he was the “father of the family” figure for our Gang. Now he is considered the “father figure” to our parents! Such is his rapid stride in this field.

I first met Ameya in 11th standard, and I was literally blown away by his escapades. The culture shock was too much for me to handle. He used to be the sole guy in a mass of 3 benches which consisted otherwise of girls – a major Classanova, if that were a word.

Since then he has been trying to undergo a image makeover to fit in with us, and one must say that he has been moderately successful. If I were to say that he could in fact turn out to occupy the position of co-God, I wouldn’t be exaggerating. But lets not talk about that, and get his focus about 180 degrees adrift.
(Note: “180 degrees”, “focus” are words that automatically creep in when talking about him. His deep technical aptitude infuses my words, albeit temporarily)

He is also the poster-boy for Protection of Indian Values, after having survived the agni-pariksha of Sweden. ;-) His control over his temper, emotions, and scientific situations is exemplary – though I might have got the order mixed up.

When most people in our Gang do not have a clear idea on where our careers are heading, he is the only one with a chalked-out plan. Rumours say that the initial draft of this plan was conceptualized in his 4th grade. Not surprising, I may add!

He turns 17…er…25 this day. Here’s wishing him a very happy birthday.
I would also like to add that no one from the Gang, I repeat, NO ONE, has gifted him a sweatshirt. :-)

I would also like to say, “Work pal. Keep working. That’s my advice.”
(Ladies, he detests the usage of the word “pal”, so kindly refrain!)


At 8:51 AM, Blogger Bloggard said...

A toast to kiddo 2. Forever young.


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