Sunday, June 26, 2005

Crazy Weekend

After a day when my ears were privileged to hear the 4 golden words that I had been wishing to hear over the last few weeks, came the day when I hated myself the most.

Which do I begin with? Easy decision. Always begin with the rot, let the good things remain in the mind of the reader.

Today was a bad day. A day of a rare occurrence. A day that explained why the rare occurrence was “rare”, and should be relegated to the ranks of “extinct”. Enough of being cryptic, here is what happened – I lost my temper. (Ok, Rajjo I can see you itching to comment, “Chilli chilli…temper temper! Learn to control it like me. :)” Go ahead! Let the irony hit me hard)

Details apart, I felt bad. I hated myself for doing it. There is no way I could live with the guy who had taken hold of my body from 11AM to 1:30PM. Thankfully the insanity passed. And I am fine. But I shall not let this happen again. No sir. Really sorry Malhotra & Peter (names withheld on request :))).

Ok, now to the four words I’ve been aching to hear for the past 15 days or so – “You are an uncle!”.

Yesterday. 25th June. 6:30 PM. My little sister’s baby boy is born. Officially I have become a Maama. And I love it! Now time to rack my brain to come up with a nice name for my “apple of my eye”’s.



At 12:07 PM, Blogger Akshai said...

"Now time to rack my brain to come up with a nice name"....uhmm how about Singularachari? sounds Iyengarish and seems to convey a sense of divine purpose..;-)
"I’ve been aching to hear for the past 15 days or so – “You are an uncle!”., well if u were living in an apartment with major school kid population, u would have heard this line “You are an uncle!” a long time ago indeed.

At 9:53 PM, Anonymous the devil said...

Ahem Ahem ....

Point to be noted . Unfortunate that this discussion did not come up yesterday , well thanks to Akshai's comments i would like to pursue this

- If God is promoting Singularism, and his prediction is the "pralaya". Technically he should be very angry at the fact that he has become the uncle

- Lets say he gets past this uncle thing, what is he going to do with the "boy whose name is not yet approved off" . Hey - follow my path . Singularism.
I think God would be knocked around a bit by his cousin and in-law family.

He he he he ...... i can hear it now ....

Kusulu, Sridhar madhri maamangal odai seraidhai. Thappu Thappa Solikudapan, Avanai Paaru , Nappadhu Vaisa Agaradhu , Vettiya - Thanniya okandhrukan. Aanga pakkathil paaru , innum oru ettu nanbam , avan pechhai kettu swami sukhbonanda avataram idhundruka.

Literally transalated into
Sridhar - like - Uncle - Dont Join - Wrong Wrong Teaching - Look Him - Forty Years over - Alone Sitting - Look beside him - another eight friends - Him talk listen them Swami Sukhbonanda identity taken.

At 10:15 PM, Blogger Sridhar Raman said...

Well, I know 2 school kids in our Gang, and neither calls me Uncle. hehehe

"Nanbam", "Aanga"??? What Tamil is this? I've heard of Sowkarpet Tamizh, but this seems to be a new variety - are you calling it Singh(ani)ala? :))

At 11:38 PM, Anonymous the devil said...

Enough with the Singhania jokes ... its getting boring ..

By the by .... i have an instance of long gone years where you have lost your temper.

It was during an NBA 98 game . Do you remember .....????!!

Also please reply to the 2 statements made in the previous post ...

At 1:00 AM, Blogger Sridhar Raman said...

>>Enough with the Singhania jokes ... its getting boring ..
Says who? Only you. We find it highly entertaining. :)

Response to Stmt 1:
Just like how Krishna grieved over the loss of Radha, so did I rejoice over the birth of my nephew.

Response to Stmt 2:
You are forgetting the clout I enjoy in my family. Besides, my BIL whole-heartedly supports my Singularism cause.
Now that should be followed by a standard "In your face!".

But nope...I wont do may pick up your pieces now. :) In the words of Nalla Sivam, "Pozhaichi Po".

At 4:39 AM, Blogger eV said...

You crib about "nanbam" and "aanga", and then come up with a gem urself - "pozhaichi"!!

At 10:28 AM, Blogger eV said...

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