Monday, October 17, 2005

GOD's Concert - Impressions

I am a strong believer in “destiny”. Or “fate” as the ones who are hard done by call it. Or “luck” as the ones who have had the green rubbed their side call it. My entire life has been one lucky ride. And it was no surprise that the A R Rahman concert played out as it eventually played out.

As I began to write this piece on the concert, I realized that it would be nigh impossible to leave out my personal perspective on the whole thing. And I also realize that cluttering this with the other details would make the entire thing a mess. So I’ve decided to put this in two parts. One version that ambles along with no temporal discipline, or narration structure…akin to my feelings the two days. The other would be more orderly, and help in providing a window to those unfortunate to not be there.

Late Friday evening we were right below the stage watching the God rehearse. And Shiva said something that articulated a thought that was pretty common among all of us – “I’ve seen him this close. Even if I were to die right now I would be contented.” Until then the quote of the day had been the hilarious “We have 20000 stickers exactly for 20000 glasses. Don’t waste even one!”. Shiva’s had taken the lead, but life never ceases to surprise you. GOD, who is not known to be a very garrulous person, said this – “Don’t worry! I won’t leave until each one of you has taken a photo…”. Sigh! It is no coincidence that the ones who talk and brag the most are actually the ones who have achieved the least. Here was a legend, genius, GOD, etc…but who was also a great human being. Forgive the obvious irony in the “GOD being a great human”. But I did warn you about inconsistencies in this post.

After the photo with Him, things were quite a bit blurred. I vaguely remember walking around in circles as the enormity of the situation attempted to hit me. I don’t blame it for striking me late…as I said, I was walking around in circles, hence making myself a tough target. I do remember giving out a leap of joy. I do remember having a grin plastered onto my face. But I think my eyes were the ones that suffered the most damage. As a friend of mine commented on mail, “The glint in the eyes of sridhar is awesome.. looks as if he has achieved his purpose of life.:p” Agree. Completely.

Maybe these few seconds with the GOD equipped me with the resilience to bear what was to follow the next day. As the heavens opened up, dowsing pretty much everything in sight, including a lot of long-dreamt hopes, my distressed mind began to frantically look for something to cheer me up. If one looks really hard, the entire world is itself a silver lining. Actually, due to the heavy downpour, and the subsequent announcement by GOD that the show would go on, one thing became clear. Or I should say, one more thing became clear. He doesn’t just break all barriers of language, region, religion, country, etc with his music. He had also broken all economic barriers. 10K, 6K, 3K, 500…all were huddled up in the same section.

Despite his associates expressing their misgivings on continuing the show, He stuck to his word. Besides, if not for the rain, most of us volunteers led by Gopal & Arun would have never been able to actually witness the concert. It is almost a case of GOD deciding to do all that needs to be done to help us witness another GOD perform. The fact that the rains kept quiet until the last song further proves my theory. And even those rains were actually beneficial. It would have been hard for quite a few of the people to explain the tears streaming down their faces otherwise.

His music tugs at our hearts, not just our ears. He is the only one who has the ability to provide the “goosebumpish moments”. Shedding a few tears in exchange is a small price to pay. Heck! no price at all. As He sang Maa Tujhe Salaam, the process of being transformed into a different realm reached completion. I got up a chair, threw away whatever bit of voice was left in my throat, and…
Not possible. It is just not possible to express that particular feeling.

I could taste the salt in the rain. Tears and rain were indistinguishable.

The show was over. I had been drenched to the bone. And it was a mild surprise to not wake up with a bad cold the next day.
Actually not really a surprise.
After all, what are GODs for? :)

Thank you once again GOD!

(to be complemented/supplemented with the detailed narration)


At 5:15 AM, Blogger Tejaswi said...

Enormity of the situation? (sigh)

At 10:25 AM, Blogger sourav said...


At 4:54 AM, Blogger J said...

So now, do you have a purpose in life?

At 9:48 AM, Blogger Sunil said...

He is human after all.

Seeing only humans get raided by the Income Tax Department.

At 4:00 AM, Blogger Srini at the Movies said...

guru, where is your detailed commentry?
remember..GOD lies in the details


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