Tuesday, April 22, 2008

God again ...

After this and this, it was yet another opportunity to watch/hear God live at Chennai last Sunday.

And what an evening it was!!

When the audio of Guru released, the one moment in the whole album that would melt me, and even now melts me, was the MOMENT when God reaches for the heavens (ironic eh?) with His trademark high-pitch of Jaage hain … And to witness that as the first act of the evening was immense!

One distinct feature of this concert was the way the artists played with us. There would be the rapid strumming of an electric guitar, or the resonating aalaap, and out of this fog would emerge the burst of genius … and recognition.

Karthik with Girlfriend venum, Nithyashree Mahadevan with Kannodu kaanbadhellam had done their duty of keeping us tantalized before taking us in the exuberant musical ride. But none played with us more than the great Hariharan.

He comes up to the crowd, and asks us to sing after him.
Sasa riri
Gaga mapa
Mama dhini

sasa riri gaga mapa mapa …

Ay hairath-e-aashiqui!

But the highlight of the evening was God’s Khwaja mere khwaja! With Jaaved Ali and Aslam accompanying Him, this was something that can never be described in words. The fervour, the zeal that seemed to envelop all of us … sigh! Words fail me. Tears and goosebumps. Out of this world.

Thank you God … once again!