Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Madras Eye

Yes...that was one of the many reasons that I have been away from this blog. I had acute conjunctivitis last week, which helped me get an entire day of sleep.

Sleep has become a rare commodity for me. Not because I am working too hard. I am not.

Yes, I work till 8. And then almost every other day go for a movie with my friends or parents. In the last 12 days or so, I have seen 5 movies. And I am getting ready to see my 6th movie in a few hours.

So, that’s how my typical day looks like.
Office -> Movie -> Half-sleep

On the days, when I don’t go for a movie,
Office -> Half-sleep

Since sleep is anyway so damn tough...I decided to put my time to better use.

I really relished the sleep during that one day of madras eye. I only wish it happens more often...sleep I mean.

Someone asked me why it was called “madras eye”. And the only explanation I had for that was: “I don’t know...but I can tell you this...the only other time I got a madras eye...I was actually in Madras”. I am not implying anything here...but you are free to. :)

Actually the previous time was a funny experience.

Everyone in the house contracted it. It started off with my mom, spread to my aunt, uncle, sis, dad...I was the last man standing. We had just one pair of goggles in our house. After the 5 of them had the infection, we decided that I should be the one wearing the goggles. Made sense right? So it was a nice sight...for a few hours. The entire home had 5 people roaming around with red eyes, while I went around sporting those huge goggles that were worn by Tamil heroines of the past. Actually I think I have seen Shivaji wear it in a few of his bad colour movies.

Anyway, the point is that the brilliant ploy didn’t work. Probably the goggles itself had gotten infected.

I remember that moment actually when I begin to feel that itch in my eye. I went to the room where the temporary medical ward was, where the entire family was dropping liquids in gay abandon...threw away my glasses ala Super Star...and announced proudly, “Me too!”. I think my mom might have had tears of joy in seeing her prodigal son come back to her. Or it was just tears from a sore eye.

It felt so nice to not be an outcast. :P

No such heroic tales this time. No scope for style.

The only heroic tale that has happened since the last time I blogged was how I saw Vadivelu’s Imsai Arasan 23am Pulikesi.

I would have liked that to be a post by itself...but haven’t been able to get into the mood to do that.

Here’s the gist:
Movie banned in Karnataka
Drove to Krishnagiri (100 kms from my house) and saw it
Hijacked an unsuspecting Achuth & Vikram (who thought we were going to Hosur)
Partner in crime was Other
Great cups of tea
Googled using GPRS to find out tourist attractions in Krishnagiri
Movie :)

Yaar ange!

I am off.